Shoot/no shoot scenarios and visualization

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    I just attended an intro class using Simunition FX marking rounds this morning, and all I can say is that sometimes the most stressful situation is the one where you don't shoot.

    If you ever get a chance to do force on force training, by all means attend! The scenarios were set up so that you don't have a run down, aside from intruder in the vicinity. No knowledge if he is armed or not, or what the intention is. Most times, the scenario ended with no shots fired, but it was never a guarantee of what was going to happen.

    Even while watching others go through the scenario, your heart rate goes up visualizing the situation. No visible weapon, watching hands, elevated voice and stress patterns really made me understand what the gaps are in my training and being a responsible citizen carrying concealed.

    It's also the closest you'll come to finding out if you'll hesitate when the moment comes. And not to take away from anyone, but it turns out, it was a lot harder for many to squeeze the trigger than we all logically know it should be.

    I wish I could express in words more completely what races through your head during these situations, but more now than ever, I understand the need for change in mindset.
  2. Sounds like it was a useful training session for you, Dark. Back in the old days (before simunition by the way.. lol) we did our best to mimic these scenarios in police academies. It was hard to do. Basically what I always took away from it was you have to wait til you see a gun or the person becomes violent. In real life that can happen soooooo fast that you can't comprehend it. But, fortunately, if you are well trained, when your adrenaline kicks in your own reaction time compensates to a large degree. Vigilant, observant, always primed. That also takes quite a toll on you physically and mentally.

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    Sounds like you got some good training there.
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    the easiest thing to take from it is humility ;)
  5. Darkfront

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    You got that right Dan. It's funny how you think you'll do versus what you really do. Technical and static firing line training are good fundamentals to fall back on, but give you nowhere near all the tools you need to make a good judgment call.
  6. Need some example's. Would you say "don't" shoot first and ask questions first ?
    Some example's of the drills you did would be nice to learn here...A.H
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    BTW was this hand gun only , rifle only or mixed weapons?

    it could be pretty close to the SRB skills emphasized in MLARM.
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    Can't remembe who said it but they were right on the subject of gunfighting......"The more you know about it, the less you want to do it"......Amen :)
  9. Darkfront

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    Dan - this was a pistol only course. It was oriented more toward civilians in home defense and personal protection situations. Simunition is going to roll out their product to civilian firearms instructors soon, and this was part of the rollout seminars they're doing.

    AH - For example, one of the scenarios they had was not so black and white. You were staying at a friend's apartment when the friend had to step out for whatever reason. The simulator room was furnished like an apartment, and you're just sitting there with no knowledge of what's going on next. Suddenly a perp busts in screaming about his girlfriend (ex-girlfriend or whatever other thing guys like this scream about), threatening you verbally, closing the gap, etc. You have no prior knowledge of the scenario, and you're not sure if this person is armed either, and you are supposed to make an appropriate response based on what's going on. It's not your place, you may or may not be in mortal danger etc. Unfamiliar surroundings, hostile intentions... It's pretty useful. The situation is a lot easier when you finally see a weapon in his hand. Makes the decision easier, but you still have to focus through the other distractions mentally.
  10. Jim Rau

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    There a BIG difference between what is legal and what is moraly right. The 'law' has to be a consideration. If the castle doctrine is in play the decision in this case is much simpler. In this case you can and should present your weapon and demand he stop and leave immediately and if he continues the 'attack' and you do shoot the law is on your side. If he retreats the law is on our side. There are to many variables to give an absolute answer to the question.
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    Nice, Force on Force training is awesome and it really does get your blood pumping.

    Ive done it a few times for work related training. They make simunition FX rounds for pretty much everything, rifles, carbines, shotguns, sub machine guns, semi auto handguns and revolvers.

    Good stuff, if you CCW you should take a class. Its very enlightening. And you will learn things about yourself and gain a lot of very useful information that you cant get any other way.
  12. jtuck

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    We drilled and drilled in these types of situations plus entering a building with an unknown situation. It never fails to amaze me how my adrenaline goes up every time, even when you know the bullets aren't real. Everyone who wants to carry a gun should attend one of those classes.

    Plus the Sim rounds HURT! They will definitely teach you to use your cover. Those little puppies coming out of an M4 are really moving...