Shooting at the Border Patrol?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Libertyman777, Jun 5, 2002.

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    I was watching the news, I think it was Fox News, and heard a commentary on the Mexican Military or Police shooting at Border Patrol agents all along the border. If I remember correctly, it was not an isolated incident but has happened on several occasions. Anyone have any information?
  2. i heard an opplogist for the mex army, on the radio here in phoenix, he was saying basicly that this kind of thing happens all the time, and that the only reason the car got hit, was because it was probably a "new guy" that didn't realize he was just supposed to just make noise and not hit the car.
    I couldn't believe this guy was saying this crapolla!, i tried to call up to retort, but couldn't get on.
    Needless to say i was pissed.

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    Try using the "search" for more information


    There was another thread on this subject during the past week or two. Try using the "search" shown above and you'll probably find a lot of discussion about your question. Sorry, I don't remember enough specifics or I would bring you up to date on what was said.

    Good luck.



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    Nothing a good application of napalm wouldn't fix!
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    I found several references on Dogpile searches and posted them before. For example, in 2000, the Mexican troops invaded the US 55 times. If the Mexican s are atually captured, Mexico claims it was due to simple mistakes, new guys getting lost or not knowing where the border was. If the Mexicans are not captured, the Mexican government claims there were no troops involved and they were bandits dressed like army personnel, with Army equipment. The recent incident you refer to took place near Yuma Arizona, over 5 miles inside the US and involved a Helicopter and possibly 2 HMMVs with army markings.
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    I heard they rescued two groups out in the desert yesterday because of the heat. Too bad they just didn't leave them out there it really would not have been a great loss. I still think the desert varmint hunt idea might be a solution
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    Shaun, it sure would have saved us alot of money.

    Now we have to house them, feed them, educate them, then lower our scholastic levels to meet their learning ability, then we have to give them money for college, then we have to illegally naturalize them just because, then we have to learn a new language, spend more money on more signs printed in 200 different languages, then we will have to pay for their therapy and God knows what else.

    Why can't the border patrol fire back on the Mex troops who fire on them? Besides being out gunned, why? or can they and just choose not to?
  8. This happens a lot more than what is printed in the paper. I dont know why the Mexican troops are on the border anyway. They sure as heck dont try to stop the illegals from crossing. The last incident involved the mexican cops trying to smuggle drugs.Of course the mexican government is going to say it was a mistake. A lot of the border area is in the county sheriffs patrol and since my girlfriend works at the sheriffs dept., I hear about stuff like this all the time. The sheriffs dept. calls them UDA's for undocumented aliens. They also have one more abbreviation for them...DUDA's. Thats DEAD undocumented aliens. One thing that the Mexicans do that really irritates me is that they send the pregnant women here and as soon as they cross the border, they get excellent hospital care and it doesnt cost them a dime. We all pay for it and the Mexican government does not reimburse us for it either. I think that the US should install electric eyes along the border. When the beam of light is broken, a burst of automatic fire would go off. Think of all the benefits this would have. The desert would be nice and green along the border from all the fertilizer that would pile up and ammo would be cheaper than the salaries of all the border patrol agents. Just my idea.
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    maybe since there are mexican troops on the border, there should be US troops there too. nothing a few companies of mechanized infantry can't take care of. they put soldiers on the border, so we'd only be responding in kind. jsut an idea.
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    Mexico has Federal Troops on the border and they patrol and assist in drug transportation across the river. Bush, the Border
    Patrol, and any one who live in the Colonals know that. Bush will
    not tighten the Border with Military or control it because he does
    not want the problems it will bring and he wants the Mexican vote
    ,,,, same o same o.........Canada.
  11. we should have a special get together along the border some time, we could call it the "Gun&Game Turkey shoot" acctualy, i think the "Gun&Game Green Bean shoot" would be more appropriate:D
    (i'm pretty sure the mexican army still wear green uniforms)
    Personaly i think i'd be fun, but i know the leftist bleeding hearts will cry bloody murder if we dared exercise our rights, and secure the border.
  12. I like your idea NRAJOE!
    i wish i had a bumper sticker that said "Napalm, the solution to open border policies!":D :D :D:
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    I like that bumper sticker--- thats one I could put on my truck
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    If we were to shoot at them, and kill someone its murder, they do it, its an accident :(
  15. Well let's call it accidental murder.
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    we can't call it pest control either -- but maybe the presence of a large group of Varmint Hunters in the area my be a detterent. Aren't Hummer tires a legal Varmint