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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, May 12, 2002.

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    Just got back from the range with wife and daughters. I was watching my 10 yr old daughter Rebecca quietly shooting round after round with her single shoot 22 at a Hopps spinner target at 50 yards. For about an hour she stood there shootign and grabing round after round from a bulk box of remington ammo. She smiled when she hit the targets (3 spinners on the same rig) and just reloaded and shot again if she missed.
    I thought about how I could spend hours as a kid plinking with my friends. Now days I get wraped up in group size, should I reload or use factory ammo..should I free float my Mosan, glass bed my SKS and all the other stuff that had more to do with the enganering side of the sport...Its been a long time since I just sat quitely and enjoyed shooting as a child and not been worried about this or that factor of my rifles (pistols) preformance. I fialy gave in and picked up the the Marlin 60 my 12 yr old shoots..and did some playfull plinking.
    So the question,,,or coments if you you still enjoy shooting as much as you did when you first started?:nod: :D
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    Great question. Yeah,I do. Not worrying about group size,etc. makes me concentrate more on technique,such as sighting,trigger pull and just hitting the target. I think when you get frustrated because all your shots aren't in the same hole,it's stops being fun. Although,it can be fun to TRY.

  3. Excellent question. I personally have always tried to shoot just for the "fun of it". Mostly because I don't have the funds to do much in the way of customizing or buying multiple weapons. But mainly it is because I've never grown up when it comes to plinking and punching targets. I had to be "serious" in the Army, and rightly so. I shoot well enough for self defense, I'm not trying to be a sniper. I go to the range to relax and have fun. If you're at the range and you're tense or upset then something is most definitely wrong.

    Anyway that's my .02 cents. :D
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    Well, it's only been about a year and a half for me, so I got plenty of stuff still to learn... But what I really enjoy is watching other people learn. Like taking a kid to the zoo, where you've seen all the animals before, but being with someone who's still learning makes it new again. Like showing a friend your favorite movie.
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    I enjoy watching my son shoot more than I like to shoot. I'll let myself run dry on 12ga at the trap range, but make sure he has pleny of 20ga. I used to have a buddy I shot with and we had a blast. we now live in different parts of the country and it's not quite the same. I think it's more about the company your with, friends, kids, that make it fun. a guy I know who is an AF SP was at the range a few weeks ago he let my son shoot his .40 S&W he did a great job grouping and genrally handling the weapon, the guy was shocked, I was proud.
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    I enjoy it as much as I ever did. I really enjoy the kids when they shoot, too. I can see myself acting the same way when my Dad used to take me shooting. I used to shoot with a friend of many years, but, like Jerry, he lives in Upastate New York and I'm here in Ohio.
    As my job depends on me being able to shoot, I have spent a ton of time on getting really accurate. Unfortunately, it takes some of the fun out of it, but I usually revert to my Marlin Model 60 soon after, and I can enjoy myself again. Funny how a .22 rifle can do just that. When I'm shooting the Marlin, I only worry about stopping the charging pop cans, not the group/accuracy factor. Guess it's a back-to-the-basics-type thing.
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    I get tense during deer season because I put too much weight on the big game but after deer season is over I have FUN!!! First is waterfowl which is a sport where you get to shoot a lot of ammo. After that season is over the real fun begins. We have small game then (rabbits mainly but squirrels are also targets). We'll (my brother and I) take the .22's out and have one hell of a time even if we don't see any game. We'll bring a couple of 12 gauge shotgun empties and set them up a extreme ranges (75 or 80 yds) and have our annual competition to see who can hit the most times with open sights. We have done this faithfully for the last 17 years and I am proud to say I have defended my title for all years. I am not a better shot than my brother. On high powered rifle, he can out-shoot me everytime but the relaxing plinking puts me on the mark.
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    Haven't been shooting all that long, but I still enjoy as I did when I first started. As basically stated above, some of the most fun you can have is when you take out your .22 and start plinking. Taking that 10/22 away from Ruger is one of the best things I ever did. Squirrel hunting is always great with one of my buddies when we go out after red or grey squirrels.

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    Dear Lord yes I get excited like I was 10 again. The x's count but nothing beats a pumpkin ,melon or a can full of water. You got me wanting to get out and shoot now.
    My daughter was almsot 4 in these photos and she enjoyed the day. She listen very well and maybe I will have a shooting partner. Not sure about hunting yet she ask's if she can go but will save the worm's in the garden hehehehehe. RIck B


    No I dont have the beard since it is warmer. I start early for Deer season.

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  10. Stock Doc, What a Pretty girl. My boy is 4 1/2 and I took him Shooting For the first time last month. I too let him shoot my 10/22 he loved it. My only complaint was after every shooting sesion he wanted to shoot his daisy BB gun. He would say "Now its my turn to shoot my gun" and we hould have to put the big guns down and walk to within 20 ft of the targets and let him shoot. this was a small price to pay for a wonderful afternoon with him, I cant wait to take him again.
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    I can't wait for my son to hit an age where I cna take him out w/the lever action .22lr. I have a daughter also, but I don't think guns are going to be her thing. I still enjoy shooting just like when I fired my very first shot. It's only been about five years though.
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    I try and go out once a month during the off season from hunting of course it has mostly been training to me for the past 8 years or so. Yes I am picky about my shots and average about 3 minutes a round and sometimes longer. What I have found though is that at times I get bored with the old paper so I have added the addition of Clay pigeons on the berm. I still laugh at the day I used the big boomer to take the center out of the pigeon without damaging the outer ring.