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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Apr 22, 2002.

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    I'd like to blast a television or two, but have been told that they spit glass forward quite a distance. Anyone have experience doing this and some ideas of how to do it safely?
  2. i've blasted a few TV's in my day, and they do spit glass a ways, but i've always shot them from around a 100yds. and out and never had any glass come near me.


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    there have been times i felt like shooting the TV !!!!!:target:
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    When I was about 17 I was in my grandfathers house and was messing around with his nightstand .22 and has an AD. I shot a Russian Tank invading Poland (I think). I was about 10 feet awat and was hit by glass. Not enough force to injure. Bought a new picture tube for his TV. (I own the .22 now. It is a reminder!):eek:
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    We hate to see this at the range, since glass is a hazard. A lot of younger folks wear sandals, and this poses a safety problem. Also, when the cleanup guys are doing their job, it's a big problem. The mower flings that stuff all over.
    We see a lot of computer gear, CD's, stuffed animals. You name, we've seen it shot at the range. Since our range is free and open to the general public, and we don't have a range officer, we have to be self-policing.
    This weekend, it got a bit messy. Some yokels had shot apples and cantaloupes ON THE BENCH! Very bad form. Still, I had fun shooting the bees with rat-shot. There's always a silver lining.

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    thats a very good point Doglips. aside the debris from shooting junk, there are those slob types who leave the mess behind. its great theres a public range, but it only takes a few bad apples, to ruin things. i'm sure theres people around the area, who are looking for any excuse to close it.

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    Just the type of quality posting I would come to expect from a well read forum. I hear soda cans are great to shoot. I'm going to try that when I take my son shooting. Shake em up and set them out in 90 degree heat. KAPOW
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    Eggcellent targets!

    Try eggs at 100 yards. Now that's challenging ('cept for you marksmen with the ten pound .22 Target rifles), and biodegradable. Might stink a bit after a day in the hot sun. Very impressive when hit. Really "scrambled"! Sorry, couldn't resist.
    Those little white wedding cookies on the 100yard berm are good, too.

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    i think i'll leave shooting tv's to elvis-if hes still out there!:target:
  10. I have shot a few TV's before but before I catch heck from you guys about the glass and stuff, you would have to see what this shooting area looked like. It was literally a junk pile with car bodys, water heaters and every kind of junk you could imagine. The screen on a TV tends to implode rather than explode because its just a big vacuum tube. This place was just outside of Phoenix and people use to haul all their junk out there to shoot it, burn it or blow it up. I doubt that place is still there but it was a LOT of fun back then. I've seen people with .50 caliber belt fed anti-aircraft guns, cannons towed behind Jeeps, a lot of paper plate targets with a few sticks of dynamite taped to the back and just about every kind of full auto weapons you could imagine. I'm sure most were not legal. When I go shooting nowadays, you wont find a single shell casing or ANY garbage from me. I even pick up other peoples trash so that all of us can continue to enjoy our sport. Well, I did leave a few broken rocks behind when I shot the Mosins last time.
  11. I remember years ago hearing of the urban legend (or was it really?) of a guy trying to outdraw Matt Dillon bringing his television to an early death (might have beaten him if he hadn't drunk about 8 cans of Old Milwaukee beforehand).

    I have no idea what happens to one if you shoot it but I sure as heck know what happens if a wrench just barely nicks it. My dad was a do-it-yourselfer and was doing something to an old tube type years ago. I was watching as he was messing around in back. He hit the high voltage lead to the back of the tube with a wrench, shocked the living gaboozas outta him and when he jerked away the wrench hit the back of the tube. After a big POP all you saw from the front was glass falling down like Niagra Falls.

    And Snakebite (hope I can call you that without any disrepect intended) I know of several places on the north side of Phoenix where folks would go to shoot and your description was polite to say the least. I've seen junk yards and land fills that looked like up-scaled neighborhoods compared to the trash in those areas. Now urban sprawl has caught up and those areas are now housing developments. The other areas have been annexed by Phoenix so, being that shooting inside city limits is a no-no, most areas have been cleaned up and you see little clutter THERE any more. Go further north and it's an entirely different story.

    What possesses people to go out and dump trash and shoot that crap and leave it is beyond me and I, too, am like you. I pick up after myself and then some other stuff besides.

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    I was in pheonix about 10 years ago. I remember it was all cotton fields and landfills. Went back about 2 or 3 years ago and it's nothing but subdivisions. Can't believe how fast the land around there filled up.
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    If you want to shoot something with a semi-auto (SKS, AK, etc) that will give you a thrill, try milk jugs with water, frozen overnight. The ice spray is exciting, they hold up for several hits, and cleanup is easy.

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    Most all of the public ranges here in Ohio now have range officers. Due to the amount of trash that was left by negligent shooters, it became a necessity. Now, you have to pay $3 to shoot for a day, or you can pay $25 for a year ($15 if you have a hunting license). I can remember the start of deer season as being the worst time to shoot there, because guys left boxes, beer cans, bottles, old "For Sale" signs, and just about anything else sprawled all over the range. It looked terrible, and it took a week to clean it up. Under the new supervision, you can't shoot more than 3 round rapid-fire, so blasting with a semi-auto rifle is nowhere near the fun anymore, but that's what happens when idiots don't police up their trash.
  15. Dale, Maybe you have been to the area I talked about. It was off of Cave Creek Rd just above Union Hills. Its probably nothing but houses now. I moved out of Phoenix about 15 years ago. And I dont mind being called Snakebite. Thats why I chose the name...I was snakebit in 1988 and it just about did me in. It took a couple of years to fully recover from that. Well, almost fully recover. I lost two fingers on my right hand. The index and middle finger are gone so now my trigger finger is my ring finger. It hasnt affected my accuracy a bit. I'm still terrible.
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    They hired permanent range officers at the range near my house in michigan a few years ago. The place is a lot cleaner, but now you can only go to the range when it's "open". They also have a rule that you can only have 1 bullet in a gun at a time. That completely takes the fun out of semi-autos.
  17. Cave creek and Union hills is all homes and and trailer and schools and the such, now you have to go up past, carefree hwy to get out of town, but there's a public range there now, nice range snobby people some times, oh well.
    -Jesse :assult:
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    if your going to shoot up non bio degradable target please police yourself our little range here outside of Nashville is commonly destroyed by all the foolish kids out and about shooting things up and then bringing on stuff for targets and leaving it for others to police. Even though my paper targets degrade I still put them in the trash -- I have shot Fruit in the past with all sorts of calibers and its fun to watch a kids reaction when they see a tomato explode when a 9mm hit it