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    News from another site:

    Gun fight at INS
    Below is the article, please take note that the Sudanese is refered to as "Obnoxious". Not terriorist, not crazed, not murderous..........but Obnoxious. Another reason guards should have smarter then they are guns.

    'Obnoxious' Sudanese Opens Fire at INS Office Wires
    Friday, Sept. 27, 2002
    HOUSTON – Two shots were fired in a crowded Immigration and Naturalization office Thursday when a man trying to enter the lobby got into a scuffle with an armed security guard, officials said.
    The suspect, a 33-year-old permanent resident from Sudan, grabbed the guard's pistol and fired two shots into a wall, according to Luisa Aquino, an INS spokesman. No one was wounded, but two guards suffered some bruises taking the man into custody.

    "He became obnoxious and rude to the guards," Aquino said. "He was asked to leave, and he did not leave, at which point a struggle ensued with one of the guards at the front door and the guard's weapon was discharged."

    The nature of the suspect's business at office was unclear, Aquino said.

    About 100 people were in the front lobby of the INS office standing in lines when the incident occurred at the front entrance. The crowd was moved toward the back of the building, for its own safety, for a short time after the shooting broke out.

    The suspect was taken to a federal detention center, and the FBI was called to investigate, Aquino said.
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    another one that has been covered up. in NYC a retired cop/FBI agent working as a security consultant shot and killed two co-workers, then himself. this was a couple weeks ago. he was reportedly carring illegally.