shopping frenzy

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Snakebite, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I woke up this morning and felt the need to spend some money. I just wanted to help the economy. I was on a mission. I hit every gun store in a 10 mile radius. I must have handled every military firearm in Tucson. Some stores I went to twice to double check the inventory. I finally narrowed it down to just a few guns. A K31 Schmidt-Ruben, a Turk mauser or a Czech mauser. I ended up with a Vz 24. Out of all the guns I looked at, this was the cheapest and is in perfect shape. No dings, pitting or rust. I think I'll stay away from Big 5 for awhile because I made the new guy behind the counter open a bunch of boxes before I made up my mind. I could tell he was getting irritated. Oh well, customer satisfaction is what keeps people coming back. Cant wait to shoot it.
  2. Congrats, Vz24's are nice rifles, I don't like to go to big5 all that much the people that work the gun counters usually don't want to be around evil guns.

  3. are absolutely right about the people behind the counter at Big 5. Never in my life have I bought a gun from someone that knew so little about them. I think I must have been the first person he ever sold a gun to. The paperwork was a joke and he was REALLY starting to get me mad! I made the mistake of writing that my country of origin was U.S. and that I lived in AZ. I had to re-write all of it and spell out United States of America, Arizona, and initial all the changes. Then he asked if I wanted a box of ammo to go with it. I didnt, but as he set a box of 8mm ammo on the counter he told me that this ammo wouldnt fit and that he didnt have any ammo that fits a vz-24. I might buy another gun at Big 5 but never from this guy. They need to train these guys a little better!!!
  4. I forgot to ask ya....are you keeping all that nasty Kalifornia salt air off the guns?? Sure is nice in Az. Real nice.
  5. hahah yeah i havn't had a chance to take 'em out since i've been back, i think they and i are having withdrawls from lack of shooting and lead exposure!
    Although i did have fun scaring the hell out of my pacifist wannabe hippie heighbor, and all i was doing was taking my Garand from my house to my car, so i could take it to my friends house a few miles away, maybe i shouldn't have had it slung over my shoulder :D :D :D :D
    But ahhh i don't care if that loser can't handle seeing a gun.