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    Other than ammo . What shortages do you expect .What are you doing to prep. for it?
    I think we are going to see shortages on almost everything. Food,clothing,shoes ,gas, etc.
    I'm trying to stock up on food ,ammo clothing. All I forgot toilet paper
    With that said I haven't heard anyone mention shortages on things like flour,sugar, cornmeal ,oats etc. Or it's not been a big thing as of now for people to worry about. I think we are headed into a depression . If we are not in one already. Money is going to be another thing that everyone is going to be short on. So trading / bartering for some of the items are going to important.
    The two biggest and items that at least 70% maybe 80% of American,s use daily are tobacco and coffee. I have not heard anyone mention these two items.
    I use both . So I'm thinking about stocking up on coffee and tobacco. I think that both will be good trade items. Plus I use both so keeping these items in bulk is a good idea.
    Also if you are a nonsmoker or didn't drink coffee and you had a decent supply you could trade for things you don't have . It would save on the items that you do use.
    Tea would be another item also. That should be stocked up also.

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    I know that freezers are hard to find right now. I was looking around for a replacement to my 38 YO chest freezer - something that I planned last year to do this year. None to be found and none can be ordered. Stores all said that panic buying on those began a week or 2 after the toilet paper hoarding.

    Anything else I looked for has been available. Even guns and ammo, although the choices are somewhat limited.

    Big box stores are the ones that are sold out on general items. The stores "off the beaten path" are the ones with goods to sell
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  3. Hubby and I were talking about it the other day and we're planning to pick up extra supplies over the next few weeks as we can. Toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, and general cleaning supplies to start with, then after a serious pantry clean out and reorganize, we'll move on to foods.

    I know that sounds a bit backwards but we need to eat down what we have and pass on the things we won't before adding more. The same thing goes for the freezers. It doesn't help that Mom keeps buying things we have 5 or 6 of already because she doesn't remember what's there and doesn't ask if we need, want or use it. :rolleyes:
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    Heck ya. Could use some more 9 MMs for my CS-9. Been buying more 22 mag. ammo including a 100 pack CCI 40 grain stuff from Wally World. Cost was $21. Didn't know CCI sold this round in the 100 plastic pack.
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    I ordered another bucket of freeze dried survival food over a month ago. The company claimed they had it in stock and would ship within 14 days. I haven't seen it yet. Nearly the same thing with some kitchen knives I ordered.
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    Afton NY
    It would be a wise move to do so. Talking from experience here in Cuomotopia i can tell you the panic caused by the proclaimed shortage of ANYTHING by the media, rather it be true or not, will immediately empty the shelves of that product. I don't care if you drove a funny car to the store you would not get there fast enough to get any of it. And the funny thing is the only reason there is a shortage at all is due to idiots that panic. When they first proclaimed a TP shortage shelves were empty in a day or so. A good idea to also stock up on dried packaged goods such as those you add water to just in case such as pancake mixes, bisquick, gravy packets, Ramen noodles, etc. Those things were wiped out here. Just some ideas to think about. Not a bad idea to start stocking for the long haul , especially on dehydrated food packets with a long storage life. The cheap, quick type dried foods go first. Lysol, clorox and anti bacterial soaps and liquids , TP , paper towels and napkins are another.
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    Only shortage I foresee, is a shortage of votes for Biden's dumb a$$!
  8. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Ooooooh, i so hope you are right! wonder who the mystery running mate will be? Any predictions spooker?
  9. Flour, sugar, yeast, vegetable oil and a couple of other pantry staples are at the top of the list. That way I can make my own bread, pancake and waffle batters and pasta. We don't eat a lot of rice, but I'll put some up anyway.

    For fresh vegetables I can hit local produce stands through September or October.
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    We use to produce 80% of the worlds consumable goods, now we consume 80% of the worlds consumable goods. We will always have shortages in times of crisis as long as we continue to rely on countries like China, Taiwan, India and Pakastan, to produce what we use. When will we ever learn.

    You would think that when this pandemic started, and China threatened to withhold shipments of our antibiotics and other crucial meds, that we would learn from that. Nope, 4 months later its all forgotten about. Its no wonder most of the world refers to us as the stupid Americans. But as we know, its not stupid Americans, its our stupid leaders that allow this crap to happen.
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    I don't think anyone wants to forfeit their political career Bigfoot!

    Didn't mean to misdirect your post. I'm stocked up on these for now:
    Pancake mix
    Ceramic Water Filters
    Rat traps
    ...and other stuff I can't remember
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  12. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    I like the list, and ammo is certainly something i hope many don't overlook. Seriously, i saw some liberal idiot politician trying to label all types of AR ammo "assault ammo". Hope that doesn't sprout legs .
  13. runfiverun

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    I been working on ''120 days minimum'' for a couple of years now.
    after that it'll be get creative or replace, but that gives me time to get another plan in place.
    the harder thing is perishables, and daily consumables.

    the most hardest is getting everyone in my household to pull their heads out of their asses and actually look.
    yeah there's a lot of stuff there, but it don't last long when it's consumed by the pallet full at each meal then fed to the dogs.
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    I have been keeping an inventory of many things including dry and canned goods, paper products, propane for grills{6}, and even shaving and bathroom stuff. If I use one then I buy one or two more and rotate stock. I have plenty of sugar and easy to get here though because the sugar manufacturing plant is only 8 miles from me. Ships bring in loads of raw sugar and refine it here. Everything from molasses, Pancake syrup, powdered and dark brown sugar come mostly from there for the US. They also make the cereal frosting coatings there. They have their other plant in Florida and I believe the only two in USA. I also keep plenty of alcohol and both kinds for drinking and sterilization. Also all kinds of bandages and medical stuff. Too late once something happens
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    Back in April we experiences some shortages, yeast, flour, TP. At times the shelves at local Walmarts have been 1/2 stock, the local stores did better. My neighbors had 10 people calling for each head of beef they had, everyone wanter a head of beef for their freezer. I expect major supply problems again about October and January as COVID blooms again. Back in the 1990's I purchases all the guns and knives I would need for the rest of my life. That was before most knife production moved to China. Since March I have reloaded about 2000 rounds and I am starting to need more powder, primers and bullets. People best get ready the next wave is about to hit!
  16. Jim Bridger

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    As long as there is Elk, Moose and Deer on the Butte we will have meat. :)
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  17. Get Out

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    I wonder if there would be a run on packaged vegetable seeds? I noticed the veggie plants were scarfed up pretty quick this year.
    Bleach for sanitizing and treating water for drinking.
    Baking goods
    Dried goods, peas, corn, potatoes, etc.

    While zoning out of the box, thought an assortment of those little bottles of booze you get on airlines would make outstanding trade items too.
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    just buy cheap bulk handles of vodka and whiskey if you want liquor for trading or consuming. its waayy cheaper, and when it comes down to it liquor is liquor is someone wants it theyll drink or trade for what you got.. you can always split one big bottle into smaller ones.
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    Don't forget galvanized steel trash cans for the toilet paper, paper towels and anything else rodents might get into. Some rat poison and insecticides - including wasp killer -might be helpful. Various detergents and soaps.

    Something that I don't have but am working on, a thermal imaging device. Every time I let the dogs out at night, I realize I cannot see anything in the surrounding treeline, even with the yard lights on. If we were "under siege" it would be a good idea to keep the lights off and still be able to scan the perimeter. A thermal imaging scope on a rifle would be great but a handheld monocular would be more affordable for now.
  20. runfiverun

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    there already was.
    gardening is the new cool thing to do this year
    plants were in/out on the same day, and seed displays were always empty.

    I don't know how many people were/are successful [since even the weather has been weird this year.
    many of the people I seen around the garden centers and green houses were wide eyed and gonna make a ton of mistakes based on what their carts were holding.
    the second and third round of plant shipments held fewer and fewer varieties and had higher prices each time.

    4 and 6 pack planter packs were pretty much non existent after the first early ones showed up with stuff like broccoli and cauliflower.

    anyway that's how this spring went.