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    Store doesn't seem to be as empty as it did awhile back, but still limited on choices of brand, etc. One surprising shortage is canned Red Salmon. They have lots of pink salmon, even displays of it out in the main aisle. Finally caught them with ONE can of red & got it. Couple weeks later found them with a few cans more, so got another one even though we hadn't used the other yet.

    That's about what I'm doing on everything, now. Have always kept backup on paper goods, etc but now I'm looking at everything which is non perishable & even to some extent on things like bacon, eggs, etc. If I see they have something we use, even though I know I don't need it, I get one.
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    One item I seldom see discussed is detachable mags. Some are difficult to find online already. Having more than you may realistically need and some available for trade could come in handy for barter depending how thick SHTF becomes.

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    This is why I like having revolvers, single shot and tube fed guns in the mix.

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    "Variety is the spice of life", and possibly the saving of it. Having a few Biden "balcony guns" adds to the balance too. Fewer parts to fail as far as shell stops and feeding ramps etc. :usa2:
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    Ammo is probably the best barter material out there right now and the shortage will continue because suddenly everybody is a hoarder. I reported 3 weeks ago that daughter bought a new 380 at Cabelas. They had zero ammo and still have not found her one box.

    Same deal with her nearby Academy, not one box in stock and she goes when they say their truck comes in. I immediately ordered 10 boxes but shipment is not even set until mid September. So, I ordered bullets and brass and dies. I have a stash, but suddenly 3 of these non-gun people want to shoot and will be purchasing 2 more guns in 380, so it will dwindle. As long as the covid keeps people off work and roaming the streets ammo will be in short supply.

    Then there is the Biden effect. Realistically he could get elected and then ammo and guns are once again a major crises. So, if you can get ammo, great investment.

    One other note, if you reload for others and even if you make no profit, it is probably a crime unless you have one of several FFL licenses. Might het around that if they bring you the components and you just donate your time and expertise.

    Personally, I just reload at my cost and they can shoot them when they are with me and save their factory stash for when the zombies come. They can bring lunch if they want, but the ammo is free for the shooting. Just my donation to the shooting sports.

    On last comment. I just checked Natchez, they have 45 acp federal aluminum in stock at $20.99 and it works fine as I have fired a couple boxes in my Governor. The only other common ammo they have in stock is 44 Special, Blazer aluminum at $48 per box. Just saying, ammo would make good barter material for anyone who finds some and grabs onto it.
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    We've been finding most everything we need and want. But the little "gold mines" are those little stores on the outskirts.
    9MM ammo was tough to find in-town but I bought 5 boxes of S&B 115 gr FMJs yesterday and he had plenty more on the shelf. $12.00/box. I'd have bought more but I didn't want to burn out my welcome.
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  7. If you take prescription medications you're probably going to want to stock up if you can. I'm blessed in my doctor because she's willing to write my prescriptions for twice as much as I need on most of mine whenever possible. As far as I know there weren't any shortages last time around, but you never know.

    There are some I get from the manufacturer for free that I don't take anymore that I've kept refilling as barter goods, especially my diabetic and blood pressure meds. They're stored in the sealed containers in a cool dark place so I know they'll be good if the need arises.
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    Drug store has been short on a couple of my wife's meds, the last couple months. Have been able to get doctor's okay to substitute, so she hasn't had to do without, yet.:(
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  9. Depending on your income, she may be able to get them from the manufacturer. A quick search for the medication and she can find out if they offer help.
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    Not sure how your yard lights are pointed but I would make sure they are pointed out so you are not highlighted. Make your opponents look into the light if possible. Leave them on as long as possible then cut them off quick and use their vision blindness against them.
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    Other shortages I see comeing is items like Tylenol. I been stocking up on it and ibeprophine . I also would say stock on items for home canning. Such as lids rings
    jars etc. .
    If you trap it would be a good idea to stock up on extra snares traps of all styles .
    Also stock up on wax and dye. You may have plenty but you could have enough extra to trade for other items that you dont have. If the food supply chain breaks down completely . People all around will be looking for different ways to take wild game.
    As things are not getting any better financially for me stocking up on anything. Seems impossible so all I have done so far is some basic things.
    I have list of preps that I am starting. Hopefully I get it finished by the end of September.
    I want to be reloading all the calibers I have. Also want to be canning by September. If I get that much done . I can start working on other projects. For preparing. There are a few first aid/trauma items I want to add also.
    I'm have been working on trade items also.

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  12. Not sure what it's like near you, or what you have for free time, but you can find candles and canning jars around here at thrift shops and yard sales for cheap. You might be able to find a dehydrator if that's on your list. I've seen vacuum sealers, old fashioned pressure cookers, and lots of other useful things that I already have.

    If you're at all handy, while you're out scrounging, pick up basic home repair stuff. Screws, nails, small plumbing bits, outlets and light switches, that kind of thing. Trading doesn't have to be things, it can also be work.
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    I have thousands of those. No shelf life either. I will say, owning a liquor and firearm store that also sell Carhartt, I am in pretty good shape as far as trading material. Somedays you wish the place would burn to the ground, but on the other hand, he could be a godsend if things ever did go south!
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    OneShot! I've got an extra box of 380 fmj that I'll put in the mail for you tomorrow if you promise to send back when yours comes in!
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    I have plenty of home repair hardware . What I don’t have I have access to. Lumber might be a problem at some point . My main concern is canning supplies and reloading supplies. Some ammunition in a caliber that I don’t have the stuff to reload that caliber with. As of now it’s all I can do to get by .
    As soon as the income comes back I’m going to resume completing those preps. The start working on the preps. for
    trade . Also some of the skills that I have learned over the years will also be used as barter. I have had to use some of those skills lately to help with the lose of income.

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  16. theGrizzFan

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    S.W. MO
    There is a self owned, old time hardware store near me. There are a lot of things he just can't get anymore from his supplier. Fencing and chicken wire, garden watering cans (plastic or tin), washing machines, treated lumber, fence staples, to name a few.
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    New York
    I hope you are right, spooker. I hope for the sake of this country you are right.
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  18. animalspooker, you sell guns and liquor do you sell tobacco, too?!
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    Yes I do!!!! And Carhartt!