Shorten Barrel - Front Sight?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Will, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. Will

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    I'm thinking of shortening the barrel on one of my T38s to about 20", and I need to figure out what to do about a front sight. I'm considering a hooded sight that can be attached with a couple of small screws into shallow drilled and tapped holes in the last 2" of the barrel, but I'm concerned about weakening that part of the barrel. I recall reading before the format of the forum changed about some folks who had shortened their T38's barrels.

    Anyone have experience with this they can share?

    Am I correct in thinking the shorter barrel will result in a fireball at the muzzle and somewhat reduced recoil? Should I be thinking of a flash hider on the shorter barrel?


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    look through some gunsmithing books. old ones are better IMHO. it's not very hard to make a barrelband front site. brownells catalog has a formula for regulating front site highth. above all,don't worry about it. if your looking for 20", start at 24 and practice!! BTW, recoil will be more noticeable. good luck!!
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  3. Will

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    Maybe I'll start at 28" and practice a lot! Excellent idea!
  4. JAMES

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    I doubt if you will need to worry too much about weakening the barrel by drilling a couple of shallow screw holes for the front sight. As soon as you cut more than an inch off of the barrel, the barrel diameter where the sight will be mounted will be about .68 inches; larger than the end of the barrel was originally. The original front sight has a set screw drilled into the barrel already.

    It is possible to remove the existing front sight from the cut off barrel end, cut the barrel band on the original sight, and solder it on the end of the shortened barrel (that approach will leave a gap on the bottom side of the barrel band to clean up, but it works just fine).

    Best of luck.