Shot my first IDPA match last Sunday

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    Shot my first IDPA match last Sunday (VIDEO)

    I, along with two other University of Washington students who participated in SCCC's Empty Holster Protest, were invited to attend the NWPPA's May IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) Match for free (the members of NWPPA would pay our registration fee) and I had a blast!

    There were 6 courses of fire, each with a different scenario and different skills involved. We also had to chrono our rounds to assure that our ammo was shooting at the minimum Power Factor (grain weight x velocity). I was shooting well over the 125,000 required for my class with 161,500 from Winchester White Box .40S&W out of my 3.5" barreled GLOCK 27.

    The other two students were shooting 9mm in an H&K and .45ACP in a 1911. We had three of the main gun types with the three main calibers represented! It was all of our first times ever shooting a match that involved starting with the firearm loaded and holstered and involving moving, taking cover and avoiding "no shoot" targets (friendlies).

    We then had the privilege of shooting a rifle side-match, which only I had brought rifles for. It was a semi-auto course with a minimum of 30 rounds and a maximum magazine load of 20 rounds (1 reload minimum). I used my AES-10 for the first run, which was fun, but I learned that you can't keep the right side of an AK near a doorway that you're using as cover because it will hit the charging handle and stop the cycling of the gun, jamming it up. Then I used my Mosin Nagant 91/59, "Svetlana", with 7 5-round stripper clips in my pocket. That took a while and I fought sticky-bolt syndrome the whole time, but it was so much fun to run that course with the bolt-action combat style! Svetlana gave me a nice raspberry kiss on my shoulder, too and left nice bruises that are just coming up along my arm.

    I had so much fun and learned so much from it that I'm even considering going again, even on my strapped-for-cash student budget.

    Here's a couple videos of the scenarios. I wasn't taking the videos; if I was, I'd have had the camera on ME, so I could analyze my form and not on the targets. I can't really complain, though, since it was one of the other students that just happened to have a pocket camera that took video:


    The first one he started filming just after I had to push over "the dummy S.O." that was seated next to me, turn, and kneel. I did really well on the stage, though, with only 2 penalties on the second target.
    The second one I didn't do that well on, but I haven't practiced one-hand firing. Not as good on penalties here, as I got two FTN's (Failure To Neutralize), which means I didn't get a shot on the target that would put it out of the fight.
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  2. That's great..... it is really fun. Just remember, it ain't real, it's just to teach instictive and reactionary . In a real situation find that cover.

    Yeah, I don't like people shooting at me. Oh yeah I always took a shotgun to a maybe shooting situation.

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    Don't worry, I realize it's not real, but it's a lot more realistic than most matches out there using "race guns". When there's cover available on a course, they stress having cover and you get a procedural penalty for not covering enough of your body.
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    Sounds like y'all had a real good time.
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    I know the course,but don't know what you mean when you state 125,000.Glad you had fun and learned a lot. sam.
  6. Gotta Love that Glock !!! LOL...JAC Thanks !!! That was fun to watch, enjoyed it !
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    As I explained in the sentence before that, it's what they call the "Power Factor" (grain weight of bullet X muzzle velocity). A PF of 125,000 is minimum for all classes, a couple have a minimum of 165,000.