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Shot rings out at gun show

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Eric, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. Eric

    Eric G&G Newbie

    Here is the article on a shooting at a gun show yesterday, 22 JUN 02, in my home town.

    Florence, AL- Terry Joe Runager had just sold an AK-47 rifle to a customer and was hoping a little salesmanship would lead to another sale.
    Instead, it led to blood.
    Runager was showing his personal handgun from a side holster, when the weapon discharged, wounding him in the left hand and his stepson in the leg.
    Runager wasn't a stranger to guns and bullets.
    The 51-year old Decatur man was a registered dealer at a Saturday gun and knife show at the Florence Conference Center. He was released from Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital along with his 25-year old stepson after being treated for gunshot wounds.
    Organizers of the two-day show that ends today said Runager's actions were inexcusable in an event where safety is a priority. Rule No. 1 printed in a large sign near a registration table reads, "No loaded firearms at any time except by full-time law enforcement officials.
    Safety rules also were printed on two sides of a piece of paper given to dealers. Warnings reminding people not to dry fire any guns were printed on cards left at each vendor's table.
    Brent Oliver, coordinating the show for his firm, Killen-based Valley Productions Inc., said his company would consider civil or criminal action against Runager.
    "It's standard policy that if you are caught with a loaded firearm, it's a life-time ban from the show," Oliver said.
    No charges had been filed against Runager as of Saturday afternoon, said Florence Lt. Barry Brewer.
    "Our investigation is not complete, but it looks like the weapon was discharged accidentally," Brewer said.
    Brewer said Runager's handgun discharged while he was showing it to a customer. Runager had just pulled the gun's magazine out and then re-inserted it when a bullet went through his hand and struck his stepson, Keith Stanley, in the leg.
    Runager's hand was wrapped as he looked at paramedics taking care of his stepson, Keith Stanley, 25, reclining on a stretcher in an ambulance.
    Oliver said he intended to spread the word about the incident in the state circuit, a move that could also ban Runager from other shows.
    He said that's how serious safety is considered among dealers and gun-show promoters.
    Runager's handgun was his personal weapon, and it did not have plastic ties like other handguns and rifles on his display table, Oliver said. Florence police officers were providing security at the show, ensuring guns entering the building through the front door of the conference center had safety ties.
    "He should have had a tie on it or stored it in a container," Oliver said. "He did not follow the rules."
    The shooting not only scared dozens of people looking at guns but cast a shadow over gun shows, said Mark Peeples, who brought his son and another boy to the show.
    Peeples said the gunshot silenced the banquet room as people figured out the direction of the gunfire. The silence didn't last long with a woman near Runager crying out loud, "Oh my GOD, Terry shot himself."
    "He wasn't paying attention," Peeples said.
    "The people here love guns, but for someone to be that absent-minded and irresponsible, it makes everyone look bad."
    The 1 p.m. incident was one of at least two gun calls in the city in two days. Florence officers charged 19-year old Randall Schook on Friday night with second-degree assault after he fired several rounds outside Martin's Clothing Store, including one that ricocheted on the ground and wounded a person in the foot.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Some thing else for the antis to wring their hands over, he should have known better. An accidental discharge is INEXCUSABLE !!!

  3. Pretty good shootin'

    Our friend Runager just shot every gun owner and gun rights supporter in the foot with that one bullet!! Pretty good shootin I'd say! What a nit wit!
    :insane: :jaw: :insane:
  4. I talk to boy scouts and young people about firearm safety and how much enjoyment they can be if everyone safely handles them in the same way. I constantly emphesize," A firearm requires more responsibility than anything you will ever do. All it takes is a simple finger movement ( show index finger movement ) and you can ruin someone elses life or your own".
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  5. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    I hate fools like this if you are going to handle the gun to show it off -- unload it how simpel is that
  6. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 G&G Evangelist

    I think they'd be doing the best thing to terminate his participation based on that incident and make no secret of it. Some people might actually respect gun shows more if they knew that there are rules to prevent that from happening. Maybe a handful.
  7. Lenny

    Lenny Guest

    Accidental discharge

    is a euphamism for negligent discharge. Accidents don't happen. Negligence does. I would say this guy needs to be shot, but it looks like he beat me to it. Good pre-emptive strike...
  8. the anti's will latch on to this one like the leechs they are!