SHOT Show Dinner without Jay Leno

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    So, for the last few years, I've attended the SHOT Show. Most of the time, I go to look at the new toys, post about the up and coming stuff to make some of you jealous and I party.

    That's right, I go out there and I drink too much, eat at In-N-Out, and just have a blast (especially on Media Day at the range). I beg some companies to advertise on Gun & Game, but most of them never will. Come to think of it, I don't believe I've had one direct advertising sale from going to the SHOT Show. Anyways back to the Jay Leno controversy:

    This dinner is $125 per person (I've never been to one of these dinners), and the entertainers have varied in the past, Jeff Foxworthy, Penn & Teller (wish I had went to that one), and a lot of the red neck comedians. Jay Leno was the first more mainstream guy to take the gig. Jay Leno has a new show coming up after retiring from the Late Show (again I don't watch any of these shows, but I think he's funny), so Jay took the easy way out to probably secure that deal of a new show. I think this was mostly out of being bored with retirement, I'm sure any retired person could see that point.

    I was considering buying a ticket to this dinner, but I'm glad I didn't. Mostly because that's $125 I could spend on gambling or something else...who am I kidding I'd probably gamble it away. I just feel sorry for the person they pick now, as they weren't the first pick you know?

    To sum this whole thread up, I love going to Las Vegas. If you are going to be out there, let's grab a drink, and play some $2 blackjack. I wouldn't take this Jay Leno thing too seriously, because have you seen this awesome thing he did with this one soldier? Last thing I'm going to say, "America loves you".
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    Jay seems to be one of the few Hollywood types that haven't gone full blown hollywood libtard. He tends to do his own thing. I have admired him for years for his love of cars, something I share with him. He seemed to keep a more balanced tenor to his talk show in regards to politics and social issues as well.

    now that story about him giving the car to the vet sure makes him a good guy in my book.
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    WOW! What a video! This was definitely an interesting and inspiring thread to watch...and think about. I don't know the political beliefs of Leno, nor do it matter much to me because of his taking time out to make this one wounded soldier a bit more happy.

    Leno's gift(s) of time and money to this one soldier had to make a lifetime fan of the guy. My wish is for all current soldiers and veterans to have the same windfall upon completion of their duty, minus the near death experience.
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    Great video...
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    I should of read this thread, and watched this earlier.
    Sure miss the Jay Leno show, and glad he is continuing to help our Soldiers.
    Thanks for posting this!
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    Need to clean my screen. Gettin blurry. Need more things like this happening for our soldiers. I still think about all those 'Nam soldiers that got spit on and know that some, if not most, of those "spitters" are in politics today.
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    Omaha NE
    I've always been a big fan of Jay Leno. He was the last of the "classic" late night TV show hosts. He was an equal opportunity comedian. He joked about everyone regardless of which side of the aisle they were from. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he wasn't possibly a closet conservative or at least a libertarian.

    I watch his program, Jay Leno's Garage, on You tube and really enjoy seeing some of the classic cars in action. I salute you, Jay Leno, for making one soldier's day.
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    Wow, missed this the 1st time around !! Awesome Post !! Thanks.
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    You know, for some reason, I think I may need to go to the Shot Show next year....with Chris. Sounds as though I like the way he travels!