Shot the Turk and the Yugo

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  1. Went to the range with my new Garand, was very thrilled to shoot it, and I brought along my Turk and my Yugo Mausers. I had that surplus Turkish ammo and I shot about 70 rounds off, I had 4 duds. I read in other forums that this is common. If I use regular 8mm will the Yugo action be smoother? Seems as if sometimes it was difficult manuvering the bolt after a round was fired. I know that the Turk ammo is hot but the Turk Mauser seemed a hell of alot smoother than the Yugo. Has this happened to you guys??
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    sticky bore

    I had the same trouble with my turk maurser. If you read under
    the site - what size bore brush do I need for a turk - you will find the advise given to me. I went to the local gun store - told them my problem - got a chamber cleaning kit- has a flexible cleaning rod and bore brush - that would work on a 30 cal - one of the brash brushes - wrap a patch around it and then used J B bore cleaner if you can find it - it is a paste - bit gritty - and just twrill it around and around and in a out tilll it comes out clean. I rinsed it out good with reg. bore clearner. Then I used Kroil - which is a cleaner also- got it from midway - and used that on the whole barrel - that is the only stuff that I've used that I could ever get a clean patch when I was done . Hope to take it out on Sun. and give it a try. HOpe some of this helps -
    If you can not find the JB bore cleaner/paste - it comes from

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    Were your misfires in both guns or just the Turk. Also you will get a much smoother recoil with the Turk, the Yugo kicks more bacause it is a shorter barrel and a lighter gun. My Turk tends to misfire once in awhile using any M/S ammo. The Yugo's on the other hand rarely misfire. Bye
  4. I had the misfire in the Turk. The Turk action seems a lot smoother than the Yugo. Both rifles kick like a mule. Had a lot of fun shooting them, can't believe how accurate they are.
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    Can't believe you think the Mausers "kick like a mule" I have three M48As and an FR-8 & now what to get a Turk. Where is the best place to buy a Turkish Mauser in really good shape. I understand they are scarce.
    As for my Mausers, I find them all very comfortable to shoot. There are five more M48As that my cousins, nephew & friends have. None of them complain. They all think they are nice to shoot.:right:
  6. They kick a hell of alot harder than the 30.06
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    Didn't mean to offend you. I don't own an '06 so i wouldn't know. I'm used to hunting with heavy handload in my Marlin 45-70. Maybe that's why my M48As are so nice to shoot.
    Still wish I knew where to buy a Turk in nice shape.
  8. MauserMoe-

    Go to Southern Ohio Gun--they have great Turks, or go to J&G in shotgunnews. Thats where I got mine. Was a dirtball when I got it but it cleaned up very nice, very accurate
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    Thanks for the help. SOG or J&G it is.

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