Shotgun ok for 'yotes?

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  1. I've seen some coyotes around our neighborhood lately and night before last it sounded like they killed the little yappy dog behind us (no big loss, stupid thing woke us up every morning). Anyway, our back yard is fenced, but wife wants to know what to do if one gets in there and freaks out. Weapons choices are 20 gauge Mossberg with pistol grip, Keltec SU16, and .357 with bad sights. Or could this be an excuse for that Marlin 336 I've been eyeing.:D
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    Keltec SU16 would be my first choice, but the shotgun with about #4 shot would work well also.

  3. If Cototes are being seen in your neighborhood then a shotgun will be fine to rid them.
    But a rifle is better.
    I noticed Remington firearms have a Duck, Turkey load that I think I read was good out to 70 to 75 yards.
    Wingmaster I beleive it's called it's suggested for Coyotes too.

    Coyotes can carry rabies so you don't need them comeing into your neighbor hood, get with your neighbors and work out a means to safely take them out.

    The Marlin 336 with a scope would be 100 % better than a shotgun.
    Always know where your bullet will go in case you miss.
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  4. AH I think those loads are only avaible to 12 guage at least when I last checked.
    They might have some others now. A rifle is always best but If you have to buy some
    Remington Express #3 buckshot loads. That ought to do it but like I said a rifle will always be better than a pistol or shotgun.
  5. Depends on the density of the neighborhood. If houses are close together stick to a shotgun with birdshot. If you shoot one and he runs off to die it just saves you handling the carcass. If things are more open then a rifle might be better. Remember that a rifle bullet can ricochet and travel a long ways. I was on a Narcotics Raid Team for 5 years. I was the Shotgun guy. After a lot of testing, I began using #6 birdshot. At across the room ranges it was potent but it didn't carry through neighborhoods and didn't penetrate house exterior walls.
  6. Well I would want to kill the varment not let it run. It has life and that sounds very unethical. If you shoot it kill it don't let it run off to die.
  7. I gotta agree with Mike, inside a neighborhood you are better off with the shotgun. It would really suck to have a bullet get away from ya, even over penetration shots. Take the 20ga. with heavy bird shot and if you are in location with a safe backdrop you could always switch to buckshot or if your gun can shoot them try slugs.
  8. With heavy birdshot you might do OK but not with #6.
  9. My vote goes to the scattergun also. If it has choke tubes get one for steel shot and use a Heavy Shot load with shot no smaller than #2's. If lead is your option use a shot size BB or bigger. You'ld have to be right on top of a songdog to eficiently kill it with something like 6's If you or someone you know reloads 20g I could look up a load recipe for you.
  10. +1
  11. i would use the SU16 or the shotgun with Remington Nitro-Steel High Velocity 3" #4 shot
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    If that pistol grip is one of those stockless things nobody can hit anything with ,count it out or put a stock on it so you dont kill a neighbor while trying to hit a coyote.The other two dont sound too promising,just a lot of riccochettes all over the neighborhood.A .223 or such with light varmint bullets like 40gr vmax would blow up as soon as it hit something.That would be my choice,and they arent much louder than your 20ga.. sam.
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    make it into a big deal and get your wife all worked up about it and then you might be able to get that marlin 336 :)
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    How big is your yard? Is the shot going to be 25, 50, or 75 yards? How much distance to your neighbors house? If its under 50 yards I wouldnt hesitate to kill it with the 20 gauge shot gun. If its over 50 yards then its realy not bothering you. I live with coyotes with out problem?
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    Yep, I live with 'yotes near my mountain home all night long. Yep, if your yippy dog or cat gets out at night they are in danger of dying a horrible death. On the other hand the rascals have rarely strayed near my unfenced yard and have never felt the need to shoot them. (Even if I did some California tree-hugger would probably sue me for an animal rights violation.) I kind of enjoy the sound of them at night.

    Nevertheless, I choose a NON pistol grip shotgun as another poster said. Heavy shot... if you can't take them down with that then I don't think they are close enough to be a threat right? Pistol grip shotguns (IMO) are great for stopping a home invasion but really poor for hitting anything farther than 10 feet away. As far as a rifle goes, just not ok for anything else living anywhere nearby. If you have 50 acres or something ok, otherwise the scattergun.