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  1. Can you saw off the barrel of a shotgun and legally own it. In oklahoma
  2. Above 18 and a quarter inch. Is there any paperwork or anything ?

  3. Shouldn`t be as 18 is legal. I have an old Stevens sawed off to 18 and no ATF knocking yet...
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    ^ No, you may not have been caught yet by the ATF. But that doesnt mean that you should be giving other people advice that IS AGAINST THE LAW! Please keep your illegal activites,weapons, and advice to your self.
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    Well if the length of the barrel remains 18 inches and the overall length reamains at 26 in or above i believe it is legal...isn't it?
  6. Like all that have said before at least 18''
  7. Thank you, im keeping it all stock except for the barrel.
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    or you could just get a destructive device stamp from the ATF and then make it truly sawnoff.
  9. K-80, nothing I advised is illegal so no reason to be rude. It was a joking way of saying 18in is fine..

    Combat, you will be fine with an 18in barrel as long as your overall length is over 26". (i.e. check length if you ever want a pistol grip)

    If you wish to go shorter, it`s $200 fee and paperwork for ATF approval.
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    This isn't entirely correct. If it has a stock that can go to your shoulder then its the 200 dollar SBS stamp. If it has a grip without a stock, ie simple pistol it is a destructive device and requires a $5 stamp. And this is only if its a bigger bore than .5 inches. If the bore is smaller than .5 inches and it does not have a stock than it is simply a pistol and requires no special permission to own than any other pistol.
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    actually that would be considered a short barreled rifle wouldn't it? It is just as illegal to own a rifle at that length as it is a shotgun.

    edit: i just found it nevermind a SBR is if the barrel is 16 inches or less or if you add a shoulder stock to a handgun.
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  12. I was told by the ATF people when I called about shortening down my Stevens more that the $5 was IF it A: never had a shoulderstock mounted, or B: was manufactured as a pistol grip.

    Maybe wrong, but just going by what I was told...but of course with the ATF, ya never know for sure!
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    That is correct. You buy the shotgun without a stock and you can make a DD rather than an SBS. As soon as you put a stock on it it will always be an SBS even if you remove it, which may or may not be legal. The laws regarding this stuff are so long and muddied it is very hard to understand. You would likely be able to call the ATF 3 times and get 3 different answers.

    For instance when placing my rifle range on my property I called the county seat and asked how far the discharge and berm had to be from dwellings highways etc. 1st call - 150 feet discharge, no distance berm 2nd call - 150 yards discharge, no distance for berm 3rd call - 200 feet discharge, no berm 4th call - no distance for either but if you are being stupid you could be charged with disturbing the piece. I still don't know what the law is so I just worked it out with my immediate neighbors. A sad fact of our world most in enforcement don't know or understand the laws any better than we do.
  14. Exactly, the left hand has no clue what the right hand is doing and we catch the sh*t storm that ensues. I honestly have doubts now about wanting to even bother with forms, stamps, and cutting due to ever changing laws!
  15. Keep it at 18.5 just to be safe and no pistol grip and you should be good. Check local laws if in doubt. They can vary from city to city. Nice huh?
  16. Thanks capt'n
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    make sure you measure from the end of the chamber and not from the very end of the barrel. I know, I almost lost all my rights to own a firearm on this one.Thank God a public prosecutor was willing to tell the judge that I was going on his advice when I cut a messed up barrel and just measured from the end.
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    batf measures usable barrel length not overall length...Be safe
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    YES,you can saw the barrel or anything off any firearm you own at present and still own it.If you didn't own it and it was illegal they couldn't arrest you and throw you in jail. (I'm not a lawyer but will take your case if you have money)