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Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Logansdad, Apr 28, 2002.

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    I saw a Beretta shotgun. I think it was a model 1201...I wouldn't swear to it in a court of law though. Semi automatic 7 +1 (if you take out the plug). Cylinder bore. It was so light it made me apprehensive (until I remembered it had to be gas or recoil operated). Has anybody out there shot one ?
  2. Logansdad

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    Oh well...I bought it. After I shoot it I'll let y'all know how it went.

  3. yea, let us know how it shoots. i've started to buy one of these 2 or 3 different times, just never did. the only thing i didn't like was the looks of that white spacer on the stock butt
  4. Logansdad

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    Well it's a vicious, hard kicking, big old can of Whoop@ss...I put 25 rounds of Federals (7 1/2 shot, 3 dram equivalent, 2 3/4 inch) through it and I am in no hurry to do it again.
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    The 1201 is basically a Benelli super 90 reciever stripped down with a standard stock and economized, 21" barrel w/ rifle sights. It is akin to Benelli as far as quality, ( Mr. Beretta owns a majority share of Benelli). I learned how to service everything except the barrel and the stock/forend in Beretta armorer's school. The 1201 has lots of LE features. It is very lightweight and NOT for the recoil sensitive. I reccomend changing the mainspring (behind the bolt), every 1500 shells or 1000 shells if you shoot magnums. Brownells has tons of accessories for the 1201. A recoil reducer would be on my list because buckshot/slugs are BRUTAL through this shotgun. Reduced recoil loads in buckshot and slugs do well through this shotgun, and have really fine accuracy/pattern up to 22 yds. I hope you enjoy your shotgun.

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    I think recoil is a Bereta thing. I have a 685 light model over under 12ga, and it's painful to shoot.