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  1. still been wondering this since I don't own a shotty yet, what is the difference between a full and modified choke?

    I don't intend to choke the poor bastards, thats what the shotgun is for! :09:
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    if i remember correctly full choke has the tightest pattern, the closer together the shot will hit. modified is the middle choke, the shot will spread apart a little faster. improved choke will spread apart the fastest.

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    Here you go buddy. No need to choke the baddies until you run out of ammo, or you just need a challenge:

    Shotgun choke patterns
  4. Yes, full choke is the tightest pattern, if you were to shoot at a piece of cardboard about 10 feet away you'll get a pattern about 5 inches, maybe less with spuratic shot here and there. With modified from the same distance, your pattern will be larger. It's been a long time since I've done it so I can't give a size/dimension example. If I had to take a stab at it, I'd say on modified from the same 10feet, you should have a pattern about the size of a small beach ball.

    The chart is good but sometimes a visual image helps. If I could shoot in my back yard, I'd give you exact images. lol I'd go through the hassle of putting the original 28" vented barrel with the select-a-choke (improved,modified and full) back on the Mossy 500 and show you all three from 10 and 20 feet. lol But this stupid city has an ordinance against firing a gun within city limits. Yet another reason I gots to get the hell outta here...
  5. So, does the choke have any effect on firing a slug?
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    Well, as in many things, the answer is "it depends".

    There are rifled choke tubes specifically to spin sabots to give them stability in flight, but I'd be careful about shooting through any tighter choke tube because of all the pressure. I've heard it can loosen the choke tube and anyway, a tighter choke deforms a slug as it hits it.

    I know that there are rifled slugs that should be fine through an improved to modified choke. Although I haven't tried them myself yet, I keep hearing the Brenneke slugs recommended for that because they have fins that are designed to deform if you fire them through a choke and a rear "stabilizer" thingy. The same applies to Foster slugs. From what I gathered, the rifling doesn't do much for spin, but it does let the slug swage down as it hits the choke.

    Frankly, just thinking about the forces involved makes me cringe, but I can't recall ever hearing about anyone having problems with rifled slugs in the regular chokes. I wouldn't suggest firing them through a full choke a lot. It may be hard on the choke.

    So in short, if you're going to be firing slugs through a choke, don't go too tight and do use the rifled ones. Personally, I tend not to mix and match anyway, but that's just me. You could always just get several chokes for your smoothbore and swap them out depending on the round. Certainly easier than carrying several barrels.

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    (Man, I said "choke" a lot. Choke, choke, choke.)
  7. Yes it does. But I wouldn't worry about it. If you use the soft lead slugs like sluggers you can get away with fireing them out of any choke.

    Full choke is the tightest except estra full and super full intened for turkey and such.

    Modified is the best all around choke I believe.
  8. I agree with Andrew and too there's now some shotgun shells such as Duck and Turkey loads example Remington Wingmaster which is expensive you don't want or need to use Full or Fuller chokes with some of these new super loads.
    So I've read.
    Modified is a good all around choke....even more so today due to what ever the shot is made of...A.H
  9. ya full choke will keep it tighter so you can shoot them out farther and mod. is for closer shots. thats how my Olympian is set up.