shotgun shell size for 1887 winchester

Discussion in 'Winchester' started by knuckles, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. knuckles

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    picked up a winchester 1887 12 guage .
    need to know the size of shell .
    wrinting on barrel is illegible .
    Know it,s a 12 guage because the barrel is the same dio, as my sxs . but my shells wont work in the action .
  2. jerry

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    could be 2 9/16" or 2 1/2" take an EMPTY 2 3/4" and trim down and chamber till it fits. write back and start looking for the ammo.

  3. knuckles

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    no its a 12 . because i can stick a shell trought the end of the barrel
    but i go and load up a shelland crank the lever the shell go in but
    it goes and handle don,t go back to start.the ation wont close
    i guess is a 2and 1/2 -2 5/8 or around there any way a shell is about a 1/4 inch to long any body know where i can buy retail type shells for this comtraption
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  4. Raspberry

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    Winchester 1887 shotshell

    I am blessed with a 1887 made in 1887. I use 23/4" Multi hulls that crimp down to 2.35" standard 23/4 size shotshell OVAL. you cal also use standard 2 3/4" AA hulls. Jim