Shotshell Questions ?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by krazykeny, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. krazykeny

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    Is there such a thing as Blank Shotgun shells,that I can add my own buckshot or BB's ?

    How can I get the crimped end of Plastic shotshells such Remington,and Winchester open so I can reload them ?

    Owning a reloading Rig is not an option where I live.

    To small a space, and too many small children.


  2. samuel

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    ^ You can't set up anything or tear shells apart and save any money.Besides,it is unsafe to try taking one load out of a shell and putting another in because of two things.First you can read what the existing load is but when you dump it and reload with (in this case,buckshot) you have no way of telling what weight load you are putting back in.If you removed a light load with lots of powder and replaced it with a heavy load that doesn't take as much powder you could increase the pressure considerably and possibly blow the chamber/barrel up.Second,if you somehow disturb/malign the wadding/shotcup and something lodges in the barrel,it will probably blow the barrel on the next shot. Go to WalMart or Meijer or others and buy what you want that is already loaded and safe.It only runs about $.50 to a $1.00 a shot and you can live to buy some more.You could get the components and equipment and instructions to reload,but you can buy lots of loaded shells for what that costs
  3. Wasn't meaning for him to tear down already loaded shells, I was giving a suggestion on how to load empties. This is where common sense come into play.
  4. samuel

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    I knew that.You said use a loader.Thing of it is between even those loaders,the price of primers,powder,wads/shotcups,and shot,you can buy lots of loaded ammo.
  5. Sam not trying to get into a pissing match with you, I am trying to direct him in a way that he can put the shells he wants to have in a safe manner. Rule number one right after common sense, SAFETY.
  6. lefty o

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    mouser, sam isnt arguing with you! you are both correct, there are 2 ways to proceed, either buy the reloading equipment, or purchase loaded shells!
  7. samuel

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    I'm sure you are a great person.Why do you insist on trying to argue with me when there never was an issue to argue about?
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    buy a reloader? Its not safe just to cram some stuff in a blank shell and shoot it off.
  9. Guess I may have misinterpreted your first post, if so I do apologize.