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should i buy a remington M91 form interordnance??

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i see that in this months issue of shotgunnews that has remington and westinghouse made M91 mosins for $39, missing or cracked handguard, and partly scrubed markings, has anyone else bought one of these/know anything else about them? I already have a 1917 tula m91, but I think i need to add a remington to the wall. thanks for anyhelp.
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I have a 1915 Westinghouse, but have yet to add a Remington. I would say to go for it. The rear sights do take some getting used to, as they were calibrated in arshins, and were set for the old 148-grain load. I know the Remingtons are a good rifle. Got a few friends who have them. You could do a lot worse......
don't sound so hot a deal to mecracked and missing handguards, scrubbed markings, may do as a shooter if bores are good, but little real collector value IMHO:rolleyes:
I must agree with Papa G.

Whenever I buy a gun (or anything else for that matter) there are three things I always keep in mind...


In a world where the vast majority of Mosin-Nagant variants can be bought in nearly mint/unissued condition for $75 - $150 each........why buy anything less?

Then do mention that it will only be a wall hanger.

I dunno. Maybe I'm wierd but if it's in MY house, even if it hangs on the wall, it better not only work, but work well.

That's why they call me Cranky guys! Hehe
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Amen Cranky.

I won't buy a Mosin unless it's numbers match and is in VG+ condition. So I guess I won't be buying a M91 anytime soon cause none of them hardly ever match :(
At Those Prices Who cares.
Get what you want
I am involved as a "moderator" (we don't use that term) at another site. Some of our more respected members have had bad luck with "intercourse ordinance". Sometimes this may be due to their specializing in one line of "products" over another. In this case it has been more due to what I would consider poor customer service attitude stemming from the top of the orgnization. Remember these are the guys selling the FAKE M44 "snipers".

Read very carefully and remember the motto: "crevat emptor".

Der Fliger.......
That's not a bad price for a good barreled receiver. Use it to build up a nice sporter. With the work required to rebuild it to military condition, you'd be much better off to buy one in excellent condition for only a few bucks more. There are so many Mosins on the market now, you can afford to be choosy.
For some really nice ones, check out Allans Armory:
They aren't cheap, but the quality is among the best.
the only experience that i've had w/inter-ordnance was pretty cool.happened to be in monroe,n.c. (i'm a truck driver) and called to see if i could come by, as i wanted one of the 44.95 m-44's that they were advertising.(sorry guys i got the last one they had @that price).the lady said they don't normally do retail sales but to come on by.the vice-pres. then proceeded to take me on the grand tour.all of the guns that i saw were very nice for the price.the m-91's have definitely seen their share of action but i've seen a lot worse out there! the neat thing is the u.s. manufacture. the m-39's were the best i've seen anywhere so far. also looked in classic arms just down the road,cool place also but a step down in quality on most stuff i liked and prices were slightly higher.i would feel comfortable with the m-91 from inter-ordnance but would want to hand pick it,if poss. good luck and keep'em smokin'!
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