Should I refinish or not

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Asbestos, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Asbestos

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    I like the idea of having a factory original stock but I would like some ones opinion, and sorry for starting 2 threads in a matter of minutes. My M44 has a seemingly major scratch in it
    My 1927 i have no idea what it is ex dragoon or something i have not been able to tell but the stock is very messed up
    Now i ask if any one is willing to share their opinion on if i should or should not refinish them.
  2. texnmidwest

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    If you have a 91/30 ex dragoon and an m44 sure refinish! Most Mosin would not lose anything to refinish! Read the sticky of refinishing. It will make them shine!

  3. killsnapz

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    It is a judgement call. I usally do not refinish anything on my mil-surps onless the stock is a complete mess. I bought a M39 that the varnish had gone soft. If you picked up the rifle it would litterally stick to your hand! So in that case I did sand down the stock to remove the sticky varnish. I have a M44 that has some flakeing of the varnish on the stock but I am going to leave it the way it is.

  4. gandog56

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    I don't know. I have a lammy M44 that was so darkened I could hardly see the wood grain. I refinished it and it's beautiful. I liked it so much, I refinished my M38 as soon as the M44 was dry.
  5. Tha Dave

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    I would suggest steaming the dints and bangs out of the wood after you strip the finish off. It is really easy, take a thick wet rag and an Iron (don’t tell my wife) hold the wet rag on the dent and press the iron onto the area that is damaged. The steam will cause the wood to expand and fill in the area around it. This will not replace wood that has been gouged out, but areas that are just pressed in will smooth back out.
  6. Sober

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    Awww man but the dings and dents add Character...
  7. Asbestos

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    The M44 has a massive scrape in it, and thats the one i would probably keep original, the 1927 something the finish is like falling off i think im going to refinish it.
  8. SwedeSteve

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    Go for it, and take pics !!
  9. I would do them both, not like the stocks have serials. Now they do have hardware that will reflect time period, but the Ex Dragoon is kinda buffet of parts anyway.

    If you are really concerned about the M44 stock staying original, you can grab one from Numrich for $34 bucks, call them at (866)686-7424 go through the phone tree and they give you a $4.95 discount code on shipping when you order online (you have to call during normal working hours). Stock - Used, Good Condition - Metal Hardware Not Included

    Refinish the extra stock and put the original in a closet. You change you mind, refit the original and sell the new stock on eBay for $40.
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  10. Capt.Hotpants

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    Just leave em both a lone, that way the remain truly original. The only way collectors consider rifles original is if the only modifications done to the rifles are done by the arsenal who last had the rifle. Swapping out parts is just gonna give you a parts gun. If the gun NEEDS a part replaced most people would accept that and just fix the gun. But refinishing the stock because of a scratch would be a no no to a collector.

    Leave the stocks alone for a month or two and then see if you still want to refinish them, sometimes these little character marks take time to grow on ya.
  11. Purdy

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    Refinish it if you want to, it's a Mosin for gosh sakes, it'll never be a collectors piece.
  12. Sober

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    Mine will after all of you Refinish yours!! I'll be the only one with an ORIGINAL mmmwhahahahahahahahaha
  13. billy

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    the average mosin is so cheap and plentiful they are almost disposable.
    i got 3