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    I know a lot of you people don't like changing a mosin nagant, but I'm curious about what you guys can do as far as mods and customization goes. Show me what your mosin nagants look like!
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    I like Mine Red

    My first Russian rifle was a 1937 Round 91/30 Tula. The guys at the range gave me such grief for shooting this commie *******, so I dyed each one of them from the first one to the last, bright red except for the Remington. For some reason or other they really hate my old Remington, so I'll leave it as it is.

    Other than wood finish, the only other mods they have, well I've put a Bushnell 3-9 LER scope on one and a TruGlo red dot on another. I'd like to peep the M1938, but that's a ways off.

    1918 Remington
    1933 Hex 91/30 Izhevsk.
    1937 Round 91/30 Tula
    Model 1938 Izhevsk
    1944 Model 44 Izhevsk

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  3. gandog56

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    All my Mosins look like original except one Westinghouse I had to save from Bubba.
  4. 37 Tula Original - Refinished completely - sanded, stained, polyurethane coated, metal polished - looks almost brand new

    42 Izzy - Black Sporter - 10-40 X 50mm scope.. fairly good groups

    42 Izzy - Original - DeCosmolined, wood waxed, metal cleaned all original, just as the mosin gods would have it.

    43 Izzy Ex-Sniper - Olive Drab Sporter, Highly accurate shoots best groups of all the MANY mosins I have ever owned. Waiting to drill tap and add scope... money issues lol

    I have owned many recently, I keep buying them then parting with them when I get strapped for cash or see a better one I want to upgrade too LOL its a sickness... MY drug of choice! HA! Order a dozen... go through what I get in, keep what I like and sell and give presents with the rest!

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  5. driftingrz

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    My babies Nadia and Viktoryia

    Nadia (42 izzy) was my first mosin horrible shellac finish so it recieved some wood love and a staining.. it has since been sealed and finished with a semi gloss clear.. i have tinkered with his gun including trigger work, some sanding in the barrel channels to float the barrel, not perfect but its better than it was. and the action has been glass bedded. my first attempt at bedding a rifle great gun super smooth bolt as the bolt and chamber were polished by a local smith for free... great gun but not near as accurate as my tula viktoryia

    nadia being on top with the dull stain as i hadnt finished it yet..


    Viktoryia (43 Tula) got off a friend of mine for like $70 much more accurate than my izzy just dam ugly and a super sticky bolt but ive cleaned and cleaned and polished... guess ill keep tryin but shes a tack driver compared to nadia.. grandpas got a finn model id like to shoot some day he has a bunch of old milsurps that have never been shot..



    gonna keep trying to get my hands on a m44 or m38 in the near future.. if not maybe ill find me a bubba'd 91/30 to sporterize for the collection
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    I haven't done any refinishing or anything to mine yet, but one of my 1942 Izhevsks came with a blued bolt which is a little different to what you'll usually see.

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    What did you use to add the red hue to the wood?
  8. Of my many Mosin Nagants, these two are my favorites. Weaver side mount, redfield glass, ATI stock, cut and crowned to 22" for hunting. The other is for target, Jmeck mount, Weaver V8 glass, pillar bed. Both 1936 Tula hex rifles.

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    THIEF THIEF Give me my gun back
  10. Cyrano

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    New York
    After spending 20 hours getting the black automotive enamel off EVERY SINGLE PART of the Czarina's, and crying over the American Walnut stock you done went and cut down to "sporterize" a dowager Mosin made in 1899 and then searching for a month before SwedeSteve put me onto a finger-spliced Finnish stock and handguard Reich had that almost looks right on her, it will be a cold day in hell before you ever get your hands on one of MY Mosins, Bubba!

    And while you're at it, pull up those disgusting overalls you'uns is wearing. I don't need to see a big ol' plumber's crack.
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    I do quite a bit of woodworking. For staining anything, the best I've come upon is analine dyes using water or denatured alcohol. This kit from Brownells will last me my lifetime. It's mostly a matter of experimentation. Don't weigh it out like the instructions call out for unless you're staining a piano. A little goes a long way.

    For my Commie stocks I used(#= parts,) 3-Scarlet, 1-Orange, 1/2Nigrosine and 1- Brown. Like I said experiment on scrap piece first. I like Shellac, Minwax Antique Oil or BLO for a finish.



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    Left: 1938 Tula round 91/30 with ATI stock, Timney trigger, Max Sheppard turn-down bolt, NCStar LER scope, pillar and glass bedded action, floated barrel.
    Center: 1941 VKT M39 with Boyd's walnut stock, pillar and glass bedded action, floated barrel.
    Right: 1933 Tula hex 91/30 no modifications.

    I'll probably chop about 8" off the 38 Tula before deer season, but want to see how she shoots with the long barrel. I'm keeping my eye out for an original M39 stock.

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    You do realize if I show you mine, you have to show me yours? :wink1:
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  15. Valis2112

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    Great thanks :) this will be my first time refinishing a stock (bought a scrapped SKS stock to practice on)
  16. savage1r

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    That blued bolt looks freaking awesome. I think that if I end up putting my rifle in an ATI stock, that will have to be the next thing that gets changed.
  17. Valis2112

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    I think it would compliment the ATI stock pretty well, adding to that overall black look
  18. [​IMG]
    91/30's: 1936, 1939, 1942, 1943, 1937/50 MO all Izzy. 1925, 1927, 1928 Tula.

    M44: 1944 Tula

    M38: 1943 Izzy, 1944 Tula

    M39: 1942 no maker

    M91: 1894 receiver 1895 barreled Chatty Finn capture, 1915 New England Westinghouse Finn capture Civil Guard, 1927 Tikka C barrel on 1898 Izzy receiver Deutschland (WW1 German capture) marked Finn owned.

    No real order, just how I remembered :wink1: