Shower gun ( I'm thinking revolver only)

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by Para Cassatt, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Para Cassatt

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    I vaguely remember an article by Col. Jeff Cooper or perhaps even an appearance on TV of him making a recommendation for a gun to be used as a shower gun. Do any of you remember such a recommendation or suggest a gun for this purpose?

    I know many moisture resistant guns still have internal components that will rust, so is there a good way to seal the water out?

  2. Para Cassatt

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  3. 9mmXDm

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    Ballistic knife...
  4. srt 10 jimbo

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    Do you wear a Holster in the shower?
  5. Windwalker

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    Take Jesus in the bathroom with you when you go to shower, that is if you have a Doberman named Jesus. Sorry, the humor got me. Seriously, Col. Cooper did mention this in an article he wrote but I have not been able to locate the article. Don't remember the gun he recommended.
  6. Rex_Lee

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    even if a gun was made of stainless and held up, sooner or later (probably sooner) moisture would seep into the powder in the cartridges, and they might not function properly, if at all.
  7. DaTeacha

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    Isn't there a Glock that was frequently shot underwater just to show off? How about some other of the plastic guns?

    I don't comprehend why someone wants a gun in the shower. Are you taking a backyard shower in a tough neighborhood or what?
  8. waterdog

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    Inmates given you come hither stares? sorry could"nt resist.
  9. DaTeacha

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    Getting serious for a bit here, it would pretty much impossible to seal the water out of a revolver without adding some pieces to the thing. The trigger mechanism moves back and forth in a slot or other hole in the frame, the firing pin is set in a hole in the frame, the parts that turn the cylinder and lock it in place likewise need a hole in the frame to do their jobs. I think you'd be ahead of the game to figure water was going to get in and just include holes for it to drain out and to let air move through the action to dry things out a bit. Make everything possible out of stainless (stain resistant, I know) or plastic. Make it easy to take down and re-oil all metallic parts so regular maintenance wouldn't be neglected. Or make it somewhat heat resistant so you could maybe put it in a warm oven to dry it out, too.

    The ammo could be sealed with fingernail polish or other lacquer rather easily, but you'd need to check it frequently to make sure it hadn't chipped off.

    Before going to all that trouble, I think I would just put the thing in a good Ziplock bag that was big enough to allow me to pick it up and shoot it accurately while it was still bagged up.
  10. big shrek

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    Why not just use a Ziplock bag??

    Stick whatever ya want in there...just stab yer finger thru and fire ;)
  11. jmp8927

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    And once again, the Glock comes through with numerous videos to back it up.

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  12. Pothole

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    so a Glock it is then!
  13. Para Cassatt

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    Thanks for the replies even if mostly comedic. I think one thing Col. Cooper wanted to do was to get none combat trained people to try think about every possibility. I have thought of the ziplock but am concerned about it being slippery. I think a lanyard would be better making it easier to hang and it seemed to work for some of the old African hunters too. I would think that some O.T.R trucker had thought of same question before and it certainly would be a good idea for stream bathing in the wilderness perhaps in another caliber.
  14. BarryHalls

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    I think it's a little paranoid, but only a little

    An all stainless revolver, or salt water semi autos, with milsurp lacquer coated ammo is the only way to go IMO.

    I think one of those glocks, uncambered, lacquer coated mislurp ammo with a LITTLE CLP on them.
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  15. grizcty

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    Remember the old saying.
    Use the right tool, for the right job.

    So get a Spear Gun!

    Just don't back up. too close to the corner.
    Were it is leaning! LOL
  16. Para Cassatt

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    I don't think paranoia has anything to do with being prepared.
  17. samuel

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    I am confident my singing will keep me safe. ,,,sam.
  18. I take a glock to the bathroom at shower time. I think the Glock defines the modern semi auto pistol. About like the 1911 did 50 years ago. No I am not a 1911 hater but do like having 15 rounds rather than 7. I target better with the 45acp.

    The only time I have shot a gun in the bathroom was when I had a mouse reappear and I shot it with a 22 loaded with pepper shot. The mouse is still buried in the plaster corner. It is mostly just the back half.
  19. franchi

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    peper spray?? that is corrosion resisitant? do you want the gun to be ON you in the shower or would you be up for putting in a fixture to hold it