Showing some of my collection.

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  1. Well here is some of my rifles and shotguns. Frankly I got tired of lugging them out. And I ran out of room so have about 30 more not in the pic. But its a start.
    German Turkish Chile Argentine Swede Mausers are in front of the fireplace.
    Russian Finnish Mosins lower left on the pit group.
    US lower right Carbines laying between.
    Italian Carcanos upper middle.
    Jap Arisakas upper right.
    Shotguns upper left.
    British Indian Enfields lower middle.
    French MAS upper far left.
    And a little of everything else here and there.
    Everyone else is posting pics so thought I would too.
    My goal is to get one of every major long gun of WWII.

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  2. Kodiak32

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    Great Collection!
  3. Sooner Shooter

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    My X used to have that many purses. That many pairs of shoes too.

    Man, that's quite a collection! I don't know much about the WW1 rifles but how many different types of ammo do you have to have to shoot all of them?
  4. Lots of ammo.
    Most are WWII not WWI. But some were used in both wars.

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  5. roadie

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    dam that's a lot of ammo, you must have been getting that bit by bit for years...cause by todays prices...well, it'd be a bank breaker.
  6. Ya I just got 30 rounds of Jap 7.7 for 20 bucks.
  7. Big Tool

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    That is a incredible collection of rifles and stock of ammo also.

    How long you been collecting.

    Also what do you use for a safe???
  8. Mooseman684

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    I keep that much ammo under My BED !!! LOL
  9. No you dont Mooseman. You keep MORE than that under your bed. I have lots of safes, Big dogs, Security systems, armed guards, Booby traps, and more.
  10. meatloaf

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    Is that a Cetme, ptr 91, or a fal, thats sitting in the middle batch of pictures? It looks lonely surrounded by all of that wood. You should bring out its freinds too. Thats an awesome collection you have there.
  11. SilverRun

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    Yep, nice collection for sure!
  12. turner

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    Don't forget to tell them about the hot chick with the 12 gauge!

    [ame=]YouTube - Hottie Shooting a Gun For The 1st Time!!![/ame]
  13. That video is just sad. I cant believe someone would hand a shotgun to another person and not tell them how to stand how to hold it and what not to do. That is a classic example of who should not be allowed to use firearms. Too bad she didnt just shoot the nimrod holding the camera who obivously was the idiot who gave her the shotgun. Im all for safety. In the 6 years I worked as a range officer I did not have one accident. This is just such a stupid video. Makes me angry just to watch it.
  14. turner

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    Well, she can still guard my "stuff" if she wants. You could always leave the 12ga unloaded and figure on her being a serious distraction at least, as the dogs attack the intruder! Come on Capt'n work with me a little
  15. matt760

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    so whats the count on that collection? i tried to count em. gave up after about number 6.
  16. I dont know how many are in that pic. I have over 100 rifles now.