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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Benny, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. Benny

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    Has this ever happened to you guys? I was at the range yesterday shoot at some steel plates about 10 yards out with my Glock 22 and some pieces of one of the bullets I fired came back and struck me in the chest and side. Scared the H*ll out of me most of all but I'm fine other than that. The doc checked me out, nothing penetrated the rib cage but there are a few fragments still stuck in there still that they didn't want to bother with. She said I'll probably set off metal detectors now :rolleyes: So it goes... I've been shooting for almost 18 years now and this is the first gun related injury I've ever had.

  2. Doglips

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    I had a case rupture out of champer on a Marlin modle 60 1x peices of brass hit my wife...never had bullets come back.

  3. Klaus

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    steel plates at 10 yards is definitely unsafe. They are supposed to be hundreds of yards away.
  4. jerry

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    my mother in law shot a 55 gal drum with a .45 (Ruger) of mine. the 200 grain down loaded SWC came back and hit me. This is while I was trying to instruct her not to do that. everything came out ok. Don't shoot anything that can bounce back, richoche, etc.
  5. Uh............

    Howdy Benny,

    Glad you are still here with us. But I would recommend you not shoot any hard surfaced objects at less than 50 yds from now on. It sounds like the big guy gave you a pass on this one. I'd heed the message.........

  6. you're lucky man, i can relate, when i was in Az i was out at Ben Avery and a guy had what looked like a sig in 9mm not sure though, anyhow, he had a hang fire, and as he was clearing it it went off, the round hit my gun box(an old tool box) went through one side, tore open the bottom and exited the bottom right over my foot, sailed over my foot and impacted the concrete and flew off down range!
  7. Jumpin Jesus!

    Howdy Jesse!

    I don't know that I would not have walked over to him and chipped him one in the beans with my size 12 boot!

    Did this fella ever hear of keeping the muzzle aimed down

    :fuss: :mad:
  8. ohh man i was still in shock when that guy high tailed it outta there, and all the rest of the times i went there to shoot, i didn't see him again, but definatly if he'd have stuck around i'd have been neck deep in his aass for that one!.
  9. What range let's you shoot steel at 10 yards? DANG!!!!!

    I want to avoid that range....fer sure.

    Just glad to hear you're relatively OK....try steel at 75 yards plus next time......don't wanna hear bad things about ya......yepper.
  10. Benny

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    Certainly not my brightest moment... live and learn. You're right Sniper, the Man Upstairs was watching out for me on that one. I'm just thankful I'm around to tell you guys about it. I'm sticking with paper from now on, no matter how far!

  11. Pumpkinheaver

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    I've had .45acp ball ammo bounce back at me when shooting pins.
  12. oneastrix

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    When we qual there are several officers at a time on the firing line. The back stop is a large dirt mound/embankment. It eventually has filled up with lead over time. One day we were out there, and thank gosh I was wearing eye protection, because a bullet fragment from somebodies pistol (coulda been mine for all I know), bounced back and hit my right below my left eye. Cut the sam heck out of me. Too close to my eye for my comfort.....
  13. NRAJOE

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    I got showered with glass one time at the range. A woman that had never shot before aimed so high or pulled the trigger too soon, shot out one of the range lights..Ka-pow! Glass all over. I quit shooting until she left!
  14. oneastrix

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    You ever wonder about all the accidental discharge scars all over the firing line, roof, concrete, etc at the range? I know I do.

    We had this one cadet in my academy that routenely shot the concrete sidewalk in front of her at the range. Evertime she fired, she shot the concrete. 9mm ricocheting here and there. Kept our heads low, that was for sure! She never got any better and ended up washing out in the end if I remember right.
  15. I also had a .45acp bounce off a tire rim and come back at me. Just missed by inches. It had slowed enough that I could just barely see it as it whizzed by but was still going fast enough that it would have done some serious injury or worse. Needless to say, I've never done that again.
  16. Shaun

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    They are called bounce backs I had a couple hit me in the glasses one day during a training -- it was a shock the first time and made me a believer in good eyewear when shooting. be careful anything can bounce back even soft lead. I would move your disc out to 20 or 25 yards thats the minimum ringer distance I use
  17. MarkII 22

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    Yeah I'v had BBs and 22s bounce back on me.Not fun getting out of the way of your own lead.