SHTF dog? And escorting a visually impared person to a BOL.

Discussion in 'Survival Gear' started by H&R12G, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Ok, obviously got 2 questions. The first:

    What would be the best way to escort a blind person to a BOL? I mean, easiest way to escort them would be a vehicle but that could also be dangerous and there's a chance a vehicle might not be possible to use. So, what do I do?

    Second: Anyone having a dog in their SHTF group? Or is that just me? I plan on using my mom's seeing eye dog, Ginger. She's an English Chocolate lab. Very loyal, listens to me better than my mom actually. Only problem is she's a seeing eye dog. Not a gaurd or hunting dog. I don't know how far her usefulness would go. I'm sure she'll be useful, just not as much as a guard or hunting dog. So, what do you think of Ginger? And if you're using a dog, what are you using?
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    Our male black lab is like our son. He will be with us at all times during any adverse scenarios.

    Transporting any physically disadvantaged individual is always a challenge. Doing so during a SHTF situation will be even more of a challenge.

    I have very little experience working with blind persons, so I can only address general terms of assisting transport.

    In this case you will definitely need to plan on going by automobile of some type, so picking a good 4X4 with passenger, gear, and fuel capacity will be important. Even if it means buying an older used vehicle, fixing it up and prepping it for GO, it is worth the cost and effort to ensure safe escape.

    Check out the "Vehicle" threads in the Survival Equipment Forum for ideas.

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    Well, I've got my F-150 that I've been restoring. It's only 2 wheel drive though. ANd standard cab. Her Boyfriend has a Jimmy 4x4. I expect him to escort her while I escort them. I mean, mines not plated and I don't have a license. But, in SHTF I don't care, a ticket would be my least worry. My issue is how well it will run and go. I bought it abandoned and it had been for 8 years. ALMOST DONE THOUGH! The Jimmy is more reliable than the F-150. Plus it has passenger room. It'll be my F-150 (assuming It runs when SHTF.) Jeff's Jimmy, and my buddy's Venture. Not the best for SHTF transport, but it's all we have. When my truck runs, it will run strong. I had it working at one time, then the firewall broke. Behind the clutch master cylinder. a common problem with mine but was never recalled.

    My mom's dog is like my best friend. We used to watch TV together when the reception was good. THis dog reminds me of my childhood dog, a collie/german shephard mix. It's going with us whatever happens. I just hope she'll be useful as well as a companion.
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    Well, if ya all end up walking remember you can only go as fast as your slowest member. just provide cover and keep there spirits up during the move.

    As for the dog, they make bags for them like the saddle bags for a horse, so the dog could be used as a pack animal if need be.
  5. H&R12G

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    Hey, that's a good idea. A harness would be nice. Hold extra mags or medic packs and that stuff.

    And if I can only move as fast as my slowest member, we'll make to the BOL in about 2 weeks. That's why I hope her and jeff can srive to the BOL while I can walk if need be.