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Discussion in 'Survival Discussions' started by H&R12G, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. H&R12G

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    Well, I was thinking about how in a SHTF scenario I need to have a group. Well, how useful would a person who is good with computers be in a Bug out scenario. I mean, the person that I'm talking about is my little bro and he's gonna come along one way or the other but I was wanting your opinions on what you think? Is a tech guy like that useful?
  2. grizcty

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    I think most electronics, will be useless.
    Even batteries will last only so long.
    Cell phone if they work.
    Will be giving off your GPS location. :phone:

    Is your brother proficient in outdoor activities?
    Hunting, shooting, fishing, building?

  3. PAPA G

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    in a word no, computers will be a thing of the past. best for your little brother is to learn shooting, map navigation with compass, building shelter, foraging, first aid, and more skills. my opinion is that computers and the WWW will be down for a long long time.
  4. H&R12G

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    Well, aside from the little I have taught him no, not really. I've taught him a little about fishing and thats about it. But, he is in good shape for being lazy. I mean, even if he's of little use he's my little bro and he's gonna come along. I'm just trying to see if anyone sees usefulness that I don't. Oh, he is pretty handy with a knife. But really if I have a choice I'm gonna keep him out of as much combat as possible and more use the tech skills if possible.
  5. petrol

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    If he can expand his knowledge to soldering and communications circuitry he'd be very useful. if (in this post appocalyptic world) you want any kind of comfort you'd want to build a wind generator or wire some kind of solar system.
  6. larmus

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    well here is my 2 cents and opinion...

    i have a 16 yr old son, he is the most lazy person on this planet and worse somedays AND, i still love him. In a SHTF senerio he will be right next to me with 1st 2nd and 3rd line gear and secondary weapon (handgun) or a primary weapon (shotgun). He will come with me no matter what, he has no desire to learn survival skills, but in the end he will learn or the shtf senerio will get him.

    your brother is your family, when it comes right down to it, you will have to find something for him to do, have him tend camp when your gone, have him do first security patrol or security watch, just dont keep him out of the loop or he will become an un-wanted asset.
  7. Brandhard

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    Depends what you mean by SHTF. Asteriod hits the earth, blows us back to the stone ages-- no. World War III? Yes. The next world wide conflict, if there is one, will be settled-- aside from nukes --by the guys with the 'puters. Just my thought.
  8. H&R12G

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    Well, I was thinking. He is also good at geography and reading maps. He can at least map out the we end up in. Also he may be able to fix some electronics that are damaged from an EMP. He can also use any electronic optics if they don't get EMP'd. I mean, worse case scenario I have to use him as an extra gun or pack mule.
  9. Dragunov

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    Find out what he's REALLY interested in/good at and groom him to expand those skills. Might be a way to get him in to it.
  10. H&R12G

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    Well, I was thinking that with him being small and quick and have steady hands he could be useful on a longshot sniper rifle or even a spotter. If it's a WWIII scenario I would like a longshot team. But, that's only if he would agree to combat. I understand that he would be in combat eventually in that scenario but I wanna keep him out of it as much as possible. So, what would be a good scoped rifle for a 17 year old?
  11. If his knowledge of electronics includes an understanding of electrical systems, both low voltage and high, he could be very useful. What I see is that there are people out there who have knowledge and skillsets, they just don't realize it and dont know how to apply them unless they are put to the test in a disaster.

    Find out really what his level of knowledge is with regard to those things. As was mentioned before, if he can solder and run wire and understands electrical systems, he could be a life saver in a long term SHTF.

    The other stuff needs to be taught to him and it needs to be done now. Actual combat is not the place to learn, just like actual survival is not the place to learn. Help him get up to speed as much as possible on the stuff he doesn't seem interested in. just my 2 cents.
  12. azurevirus

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    nw tn
    I agree with joe on this..depends on what the SHTF scenario is..personally I believe it will either be economic collapse or maybe some kind of pandemic(created on purpose or natural) least these are #1 and #2 on my list..I rate nuclear event and EMPs' lower on the list because as in such an event ..pretty much everyone on the planet would lose ..or else it would have happend by now..but in #1 or #2 and probably more scenarios, computer skills would probably will be a good thing to have
  13. Rex_Lee

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    In a SHTF scenario, people will discover new talents by necessity. Almost everyone will be to contribute something, as long as they are WILLING. You would just have to school him up. As long as he can follow instruction, he should be fine. He'll catch on and figure things out if he is smart enough.
  14. CrazyIvan

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    In a bug out situation...

    Will a Computer Geek have any use? NOT REALLY.

    Will an Electrical or Technology Engineer be of any use? YES.
  15. Dragunov

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    You can forget that one unless he agrees to train his mind. A longshot "expert" must have a mentality for it so he don't fail at the moment of truth. Use him for general labor. When he gets tired of that, maybe he'd be more accepting of a more suitable roll.
  16. cheapsandwich

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    He's your brother, not a slave. Also someone you know you can trust to not take off with all your stuff in the middle of the night. I'm just sayin
  17. H&R12G

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    Well, I just talked to him about it and he was not up for anything i mentioned. I asked him what he would do if the SHTF and he said "nothing." So, even though he's my litle bro I can't help him if he's not willing to help himself. Hopefully I can get him to change his mind.
  18. larmus

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    thats to bad then. if he wont become an asset to help you both survive in a shtf senerio, then he will be a hinderence. at ;east you tried to help him.

    if my son would want to learn or understand about shtf stuff, for as much as i love him, i would leave him behind to fend for himself. tuff love man, tuff love.
  19. Rex_Lee

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    Not me, I would kick my son's (or my little brothers) ***, and make him come along and kick his *** again, until he contributed, until he caught on. Sooner or later he would see the light. That's my version of tuff love.
  20. Dragunov

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    Alot of it is his age. He'll come around eventually. If SHTF tomorrow, I guarantee he'd come around PDQ when he found his butt in a sling!