shtf gun grab

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by fullMetalJack, May 26, 2008.

  1. fullMetalJack

    fullMetalJack G&G Addict

    this is basically what i have ready to go if something happens. enough lead spitting beatys for the fam. minus the pistolas. check it out
  2. killer

    killer G&G Newbie

    What caliber is that AR-15 style 2nd from right? Magazine and bolt look longer than .223

    I know billy gonna tell me it's the Zombie .707 but what is it really... a .308?

  3. fullMetalJack

    fullMetalJack G&G Addict

    that would be the dpms lr-308 t with carrying handle and iron sights.thats the beast as i call it.
  4. I hope ya don't have to cross any rivers.
  5. Nice. Them zombie brains will be flying left and right.
  6. fullMetalJack

    fullMetalJack G&G Addict

    what are you talking about crossing any rivers? each of my firearms are fully capable of crossing rivers. i might not of got your comment.
  7. hehehe Jack and i have alike taste in zombie rifles
  8. patrick70

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    Looks nice man!You should be fine,just stock up on ammo
  9. 22-rimfire

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    The fan will really have to hit hard for you to use those firearms. Most likely you'd just get arrested by the police. Discreet handguns work better and leave the long guns at the house.
  10. Mooseman684

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  11. Sweet!
  12. billy

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    i like these show and tell threads.

    my modest handgun beginner kit.
    p.s. smallest caliber .357mag.
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  13. Weight! I guess as long as you don't have to swim?
  14. Rob65

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    Billy, who makes the two single action's and what caliber are they? I have a Ruger Vaquero in 44 mag and a Uberti Cattleman in 45 colt.

    Robert :)
  15. Coeloptera

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    Hey Billy, what's the semi-auto? I can't ID it and you say it's bigger'n .357?

    and fullMetalJack, what's the shotgun in the center with the flashlight?

    - Coeloptera
  16. Very nice arm's yall got there feller's.
  17. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    those are pietta 45l.c.'s


    S.A.1911A1 45ACP
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