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My only problem with getting gas mask for me and the family is DETECTION. I figure it this way....Im at home, work, driveing what ever....unless I have the gas mask on my hip....and see the plane spraying...I will not know weapons have been used in my area. By the time I see it on the news, people start doing the funky chicken all around me, or the goverment warns us, I will be the dead guy witht he gas mask on his hip.

I also ???? the servicability of gas mask and filters being sold...the OLD US mask generaly had black ring "training" ring for combat. The filters start deterorating as soon as they are exposed to air.....after X number of days (depending on the filters...humidity ect) they are worthless.

Same with the chemical suits....they sell them as scent blocking cloths for hunting....the USSR used all rubber suits but unless you were hipp deep in snow you fell out from heat exustion...the USA suits (actavated carcole lined cloth) were hot as heck and you were to imeditaly decon any spot exposed to chemicals...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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