Siamese Mauser???

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  1. Seen a Siamese Mauser, Type 46, and I've never heard of them so I thought I would look for a little info and maybe a rough value. I haven't got the money for it so I'll throw the link up to it in case any of you are interested. It doesn't look all that bad, just got some age on it. Has the original dust cover and it still chambered for 8x50??? Know nothing about Info would be nice though, it just caught my interest. Link: guns: Siamese Mauser Type 46 rifle in 8x50-early model (item: 99899819 ends: May-24-08 11:11:10 PM)
  2. Very interesting. Don't ya' just love lol I do.

  3. I havent ever bought anything on that site but I look at it a lot. I really wish they would add a sorting feature like on ebay where you can search for a firearm then sort by cost or time left.
  4. They have the sorting thing for cost or time left ect. If you look at the far right, you'll see the time left part of the listings, well got to the top of the listings, not the top of the page, but just the top of the listings. There is a green bar at the top of the listings, right above that, towards the right, it says sort by, then there is a bar with a few selections in it. I love GunBroker too, always got alot of good old rifles on it.
  5. LOL I feel stupid they do have a sorting feature.
  6. Ive heard you have to buy Siamese Mausers in pairs. So you have Siamese Twins.
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    LMAO!!! They have to be attached at the breech!
  8. Hmmm....Well then, I'm guessing that this one must be bad. Why else would it's twin leave it? lol Don't feel stupid about the sorting feature...took me forever to notice it too. lol