Sid and Hal

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  1. While on their yearly vacation together, Sid and Hal Epstein wandered into a small resort cantina in Guadalajara.

    After the waiter took their order Hal asked the waiter, "Do you have any Mexican Jews?" The waiter softly said, "No, Senor, I don't think we have no Mexican Jews here."

    Puzzled, Hal looked at Sid and mentioned that Jews are living in all four corners of earth and it was hard to believe there were no Jews living in Mexico.

    Shortly, the waiter returned with two glasses of water and Hal looked at the waiter and inquired, "Are you sure there are no Mexican Jews here?" The polite waiter calmly stated, "I'm not a smart man, Senor. I will go ask someone much smarter than me." Soon the waiter returned and said, "The cook, a smart man, says he has never heard of Mexican Jews down here."

    Bewildered Hal once again commented to Sid on the lack of Mexican Jews....sure there had to be some...not many perhaps...but, some.

    A short time later the waiter returned with their order and Hal, insistantly stated, "Look, you got to have Mexican Jews here."

    The waiter, surely a patient and tolerant man, stated, "I will go ask the Manager."

    Upon his return the waiter explained, "The Manager...he says no Mexican Jews. We got apple juice...we got orange juice and we got tomato juice. But we got no Mexican juice."
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