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Sig P225/P6 JHP feed problem

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Win3030, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Win3030

    Win3030 G&G Newbie

    I recenty purchased a Sig P225/P6 from AIM which is consmetically in excellent condition. It feeds Winchester FMJ's perfectly. Shot hundreds of rounds without one failure. However, I want to use jacketed hollow points when I carry it and found the gun will not feed the hollow points at all after the first round is fired. I have a 100% failure rate after the first round fires ejects and the second round attempts to feed into the chamber. The bullet tip of the hollow point just plants itself on the feed ramp every time and stays there. I need to pull back the slide and remove the mag to get the stuck round free. I am trying to use Winchester jacketed hollow points but not having any luck. I'd much rather load it with hollow points when I carry for obvious reasons, but I must load it with FMJs since I know I will not have a feed problem. My question is: Does anyone else have problems with these West German Police surplus P225/P6's feeding hollow points? If so, is there a remedy for the problem? Also, is there a particular hollow point ammo manufacturer or type which the Sig likes? Any advise is greatly appreciated.

  2. single shot

    single shot G&G Addict

    I bought one but it feeds jhps I just bought some rem umc to see if it would work and plan to reload. I do have a problem with it locking open as if the last round has been fired when it has not.Ithink probably a spring or something,I'm no gunsmith so I'll take to one I guess. I don't knowwhere to get a barrel for yours but someone will here I am sure!
    Single Shot
  3. LarryO1970

    LarryO1970 G&G Enthusiast

    Odd. Have you considered checking in with SigArms to see if others have had the same problem? Maybe the feed ramp needs work... something Sig may be able to do.
  4. DWFan

    DWFan G&G Evangelist

    On another forum it was noted that the P6 was specifically meant to use FMJ's only and you have to change barrels with a later P225 to get JHP's to feed. I'll look for it to see if I can find it again.
  5. LarryO1970

    LarryO1970 G&G Enthusiast

    ... sounds about right, would be a feed ramp problem.
  6. single shot

    single shot G&G Addict
    has barrel for 225-kinda pricey @ $249.20. I have no personal experience with this round but maybe Corbon power ball ammunition would feed it has a polymer front tip which makes the round: round it's about $21.00 for 20 rounds! I do shoot hornaday leverevolution in my 45-70 which reminds me of powerball (polymer tip) and it is devestating on game!
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  7. Jersey Jailer

    Jersey Jailer G&G Newbie

    The P6 was designed to shoot ball ammo. The P225 was just the USA Model of the same pistol, why the different nomenclature, who knows. The pistol should feed hollowpoint ammo. I can't believe that sig would retool for the same gun other than stampings. A recycled beer can is still a beer can by any other name.
    The east German Police used to have to empty (fire) their magazines before each shift, at the range that was 20 years ago, I doubt if it has changed.
    Try different ammo first it could be the Winchester Ammo, Federal hydroshock always worked best for me in anything I used it in.
    Then, try some crocus cloth and polish the feed ramp make sure there are no tool marks on the ramp but do not take any metal off. (file or stone) This is provided the magazines are OK. I am presuming you tried all your magazines. If you only have 1 magazine, get another and try it first. You can also strip the pistol down and but a loaded magazine in the frame and push a round with a small block of wood simulating the slide stripping a round. If it nose dives then check the fmj, if that nose dives too then see below. If it pops out prematurely the its probably feed lips.
    Your description leads me to guess it is a magazine problem specifically the follower or magazine spring. You may be able to get a spring and follower at your local Sig Police Supply Distributer. (Mine usually does, but I know the Sig Rep and can get parts from him at the right price. I'll give him a call tomorrow and see if he has heard any complaints and if I can get the parts from him)
    If not, it could be the recoil spring. A wolf spring kit does wonders for the P220 as does the wooden grips, I would venture a guess that the same is true for the P225/P6. I am in the market for a smallish 9mm and thought about a P6 but am leaning towards a 1911 chopper or FNH-9 more to the FN but I also carry a Kimber 1911 gold match. I'll post something tomorrow when I get ahold of Harry.
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  8. K75RT

    K75RT G&G Enthusiast

    Here is an email from SIG to me....
    Thank you for your email.
    We can polish/adjust the barrel feed ramp, but the entire gun would need to be sent in so they can match everything up correctly.
    Feed Ramp Polish - $29.95 + $24.95 Next Day S&H (the shipping is almost as much as the service, you may want to check out additional services listed below while it is here).
    Action Enhancement Package – This service allows for a lighter, smoother pull on DA and SA triggers.
    (this excludes the Mosquito, Sig Pro and DAK models) $149.95*
    Short Reset Trigger package – This service replaces your old trigger with a Short Reset Trigger system which reduces trigger reset travel by 60% (excludes SAO/DAK, Mosquito SigPro, P230/P232 models) $99.95*
    Sig Service Plan – (for guns that are over 1 year old) We detail strip the entire firearm, Ultrasonic clean and inspect critical components, replace most commonly worn springs, lubricate and function test assuring combat readiness. We will also install new SigLite night sights! $129.95* (excludes Mosquito, P230/232 and older p220 models w/fixed front sight)
    Install Night Sights - Install new Meprolite Night Sights! Green glow with white outline for easy daytime use $119.95 (excludes Mosquito, P230/232 and older p220 models w/fixed front sight)
    Full Service Package – Recommended maintenance package every 3,000 – 5,000 round or every 2-3 years. Detail strip firearm, inspect critical components, replace most commonly worn springs, lubricate, reassemble and function check. $74.95*
    Short Trigger Installation - Install thin profile trigger. Perfect for shooters with smaller hands. (Excludes Mosquito, P230/P232)
    Nitron Finish Slide – Exceptionally resistant to holster wear! Our signature finish for all our
    slides. $99.95 (4-6 week turnaround time. Excludes Mosquito)
    Re-Crown Barrel Service - Removes nicks and abrasions, recrown to 11 degree target crown (touch up finish if requested). - $39.95
    *$24.95 Next Day S&H fee applies to all complete firearm shipments.
    To thank you for your continued support of our products, I wanted to be sure to let you know about the reintroduction of our most popular service package for Summer 2008 (A GREAT service for all you P6 owners out there!!):
    Action Enhancement Package – This service allows for a lighter, smoother, crisp pull on DA/SA triggers.
    (this excludes the 1911, Mosquito, P250, Sig Pro, SAO & DAK models) (normally $149.95)
    Sig Service Plan – (for guns that are over 1 year old) We detail strip the entire firearm, Ultrasonic clean and inspect critical components, replace most commonly worn springs, lubricate and function test assuring combat readiness. We will also install new SigLite night sights! (excludes Mosquito, P250, P230/232 and older p220 models w/fixed front sight) (Normally $129.95)
    Short Reset Trigger package – This service replaces your old trigger with a Short Reset Trigger system which reduces trigger reset travel by 60% (excludes 1911, SAO/DAK, Mosquito, P250, SigPro, P230/P232 models) (Normally $99.95)
    All for $299.95!* You’ll save $80.00!
    We will also pay to get it here...which could save you up to another $80.00!!
    Return S&H fee of $24.95 applies.
    Offer expires September 30th, 2008
    If you are interested in service, please call my direct number with the serial number of your gun and a Visa, MasterCard or American Express in order to obtain a Service Request number and shipping instructions. We do not recommend sending credit card info via email. You can also reply to this email with a good time for me to contact you during business hours (8:30am - 5:00 pm EST).
    Typical turn around time for service is 12-14 Business Days.
    Victoria Martin
    SigSauer Technical Assistance
    18 Industrial Dr
    Exeter, NH 03833
    (603) 418-8158 Direct
    (603) 772-4795 Fax
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  9. thunderjohn

    thunderjohn G&G Newbie

    Check over at

    Seems most people that bought the P6 are having the same problem.
    I can't remember what they were doing to resolve the problem, but
    you could do a search over there.
  10. cblambert

    cblambert G&G Newbie


    I have a p6 as well and experienced the same thing on the first trip to the range- but mine w/ Lead RN plinker handloads. After tearing down nearly the whole way & scrubbing & lubing with Break Free CLP I re-assembled & took to the range w/ some handloads stoked w/ XTP Hp's. I experienced no problems with the properly assembled loads. The only thing I could take from it was a: the gun was flithy b: the round that jammed up the gun was a (faulty?) handload w/ a lead bullet c: the round seemed to not be seated in the magazine properly. After topping the mag off & wacking it on my palm to make sure all rounds were against the back of the mag, I reinserted & banged away w/ zero problems regardless of ammo. I have read that tampering w/ the feed ramp of the barrel will solve nothing, maybe try another magazine, as that's were most problems stem from- especially older Pro Mags It seems even though the price went up the new Pro Mags are built with a Heavy mag spring to replace the weak one that plagued the older ones, as they also would prematurely activate the slide stop due to a wrong catch slot location. Also I've seen no where that ANY sig left the factory in-compatible w/ HP ammo but in the 80's that's probably what was used by the police over there. Each gun has its own personality though. If you really want to change the barrel Midway sells Sig replacements by BAR STO that are match quality- over 200 bucks I think. Mines been ticking great lately with both Lead RN, FMJ & XTP's- the Hornady's seem to profile a Truncated cone, rather a "chopped ball" like Gold Dots and really the above reply about using Power Balls is spot on! Your carry gun must instill confidence & function 100% Plink w/ FMJ's & Swap out to a quality mag w/ 8 Cor Bons or Whatever functions 100% regardless of price. You are not likely to shoot more than a few to verify function anyway! This is your butt on the line here! If I run into other problems I'll report back. Midway also sells Wolff Springs- including the mag spring that could help too.
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  11. Sgt. Fury

    Sgt. Fury G&G Newbie

    Ha ha, that list from Sig cracked me up. I've had a P225 (not a P6) for 10 years, and it's never jammed once with any ammo. So maybe just replacing the barrel would work? Kind of stinks since the gun was inexpensive... I've been meaning to get a P6 myself because I like my P225 so much, and after 10 years, it still looks almost new... get a "beater" version to play with, lol.
  12. MemphisJim1

    MemphisJim1 G&G Addict

    I too have a P6 and experienced the same feed problems with certain hollow points. I wish I could remember in which forum I saw the post, but one writer explained the angle of the P6 feed ramp is 2-degrees shallower than the P225 ramp. It was suggested that replacing the P6 barrel with the P225 barrel would solve all problems. To date, I have had no success finding a P225 barrel in stock with anyone. The other option would seem to be having a gunsmith add the additional 2-degrees of angle. As i just use mine for shooting at the range, I've chosen to leave it "stock" for the time being.
  13. cblambert

    cblambert G&G Newbie

    p225 Barrel

    Midway Sells 'em for less than 200 bucks- drop in units mf'd by bar-sto. I got away with a polish on my p6 nary a problem.
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