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SIG P238(?) in .40 S&W...any such animal?

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:confused:Hey cuzzins,a cop that my better half works with posted a pistol fer sale at their dept.
Question....Does SIG make a model P238?
I have heard of the P228 and P229 but not the P238.
Did my wife write down the wrong model number by
mistake? Caliber is .40S&W comes with 2 mags,hard case,nylon holster,trigger lock and some ammo.
If there is such an animal, what's she worth and is it one of the compact versions? I am
assuming it's in excellent shape.Also she said the finish on it was blackend stainless.
Thanks fer any much needed info.Yer ol cuzzin Mitch. :cool:
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The Sig model 239 is a compact made in 9mm and .40/.357sig caliber. I have the 9mm version and I really like it. The ergonomics are wonderful. When I was in Sig armorer's school they told us not to install night sights on these but to send them to the factory for installation. If you pick up this pistol, (and it is a 239), Kurt Wickmann can install the night sights on these. Just follow the link to his website from the homepage.

:DThanks fer the quick holler back Jesse.
I just called the wife and she insists it says
"P238 in 40S&W" and that it is a "midsized" model.
I'm still confused.The guy is asking 450.00 fer the whole shootin match,and I'm thinkin that he would let it go fer a little cheaper.Whatdayathink? Later,cuzzin Mitch.:cool:

Follow this link,it will help you identify the Sig Sauer you are interested in. I cannot find a Sig Sauer 238. I don't think they make one but I could be wrong.

Sure sounds like a P239 to me. I can find no mention of a P238 anywhere. This is what Sig says about the P239:
"The P239 is our smallest large caliber pistol and your choice if you want 9mm, .357 SIG or .40 S&W firepower in a contemporary Nitronâ„¢ finished package (also available in Two-Tone). Its slim profile provides excellent handling characteristics and is ideally suited for almost any shooter. An optional short trigger is available."
:confused:Well cuzzins,this am she talked to another cop who said he thought it was a P228,just posted wrong,cause the owner is not much of a gun person(and he's a cop and does'nt know what gun he's carrying?!?!)
which is fine by me,as I like the looks of those better than the P239.I told her that if it was a
P228,to offer the guy(supposedly he's short on cash and desparate)350.00 fer the whole shootin match and see what happens.Ya never know till ya ask.Talk at ya later cuzzins, and thanks fer all the help.Later,Mitch. :cool:
SIG has issued a press release concerning a P238 sub compact for conceal and carry. It's only available in a .380. I think she must have gotten the model wrong. The P238 is supposed to be available next month, I think.
Hey, way to bring back a thread that's 7 years old. :wavey:
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