Sig Sauer model 226

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by aceoftrumps, Sep 12, 2002.

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    Brand new...belongs to my son. Problem: About every 100 or so rounds, a shell jams on it's way to the loading ramp. The bolt climbs onto the shell and bends the casing. Tried different clips...same thing. Changed the recoil spring....went from 15 lbs to 16, 17, 18 and 19lb springs. Same thing. Cleaned and lubed using CLP lube on the gun. We both have disassembled the gun several times and could find nothing. The bullet sits perfect in the gun with the breech locked open.

    My other son has a 239 and he has not had a minutes trouble.

    I have a Springfield 1500 rounds, I have not been able to force it to jam! No matter how sloppy I shoot it.

    The gun is now in the hands of the gunsmith where we bought it. If he is unable to come up with something, I'm gonna insist they replace the gun. Anybody got any insight?

  2. Chris

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    Maybe contact Sig since it is new. They are usually pretty stable guns from what I been around

  3. Indy

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    Try polishing the feed ramp to the chamber. If there is a slight rough spot on the feed ramp it can cause a jam.
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    Naw, hang on.....this one sounds familiar....let me re-read.....I think I have had the same prob in the past. 1*

    SP2340 might have done the same thing a few years ago....
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    OK...I've re-read, and thought about it. And while I do not guarantee that I can answer your question, I would like to share with you.

    When I was a deputy sheriff down on the TX/MX border (heck, this has only been a few years ago). When I started out with that dept I was it was a "B.Y.O.-GUN" type department. As time went on we were issued the Sig SP2340 (in 357sig).

    While mine did not have a problem, my Sheriff's did. It failed to feed every so often. I do not know the problem, but I would like to know if you are to, in fact, figure it out.
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    To me it sounds like it is something with the feed ramp. I think Indy is right in having it checked and have it smoothed out. Although I believe in Sigs, I have a P220 and have not had any problems with the .45, I would trade it in on another Sig or a comparable gun. If the gun is going to be used for self defense, I would not have a whole lot of confidence in it protecting myself or my family whether a gunsmith says he has fixed the problem.
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    How'd things go with your son's Sig 226?
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    Heck yeah man.......I was curious about that myself, but kind of forgot about it........Email sent, Jesse?
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    What ammo are you using? I have a P226 Stainless (black) and never had a problem feeding or ejecting. It is totally stock. I have use various ball, truncated cone, and hollowpoint ammo without a hitch. So far, I have put about 500 rounds through it.

    PS: Mine is a .40.