Sighting-in formula?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dale, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. Is there a formula that can be used to determine the movment of iron sights when sighting in a gun?

    For example, I have a Henry Gold Boy .22 rifle with iron sights. The front sight is 'fixed' but can be moved sideways with a brass drift punch or a hard wood dowel and mallet.

    The POI (point of impact) is 1 inch to the left of POA (point of aim) at 35 feet.

    The distance between the rear and front sight is 17 1/4 inches.

    I was wondering if there was a formula that would tell you how many 100ths or 1000ths of an inch the front sight has to move to the side to accurately sight in the rifle?

    I guess I could tap the sight (and I probably will) until I get it where I want it. I was just curious if there was a formula some people use.
  2. Shaun

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    Dale I use the last method you listed drift until its where you want it

  3. Eric

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    Trial and error...At least with that method you really do have a reason for shooting all those rounds down range. Or, you could be lazy and use the 'kentucky windage' method. I'm a shooter not a mathmetician, lol
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    Small movements at a time. Too many variables i assume in ammo firearm, weather, shooter style & ability. I cringed when I had to file down the front site of my MarkII fixed site to change impact. In this case you can remove material but not add.
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    Thats risky Jerry the fixed site on a MK-II is very hard to replace if you go too far, glad it worked for you.
    There is a formula as I recall I read it in a book at the shop I'll see if I can dig up the article again. I think the formula was for a Springfield 03 but I'll have to find it to make sure.
    I always just tapped it myself or in some cases used the old Kentucky wind-age.
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    I always just mark the curent location of the sights with a crayon and adjust from their. My Mosin and Black powder guns require a few taps with a pucnh each time. I tend to mount a scope before removeing metal but Im a wimp :) ...