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  1. alright so i sighted in the .30-06 today and i had it at about one inch high at 115 yards im a new shooter so does this mean when im hunting i out the cross hair a little higher than where i wanna hit?
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    You might wanna aim a little bit low, but on a deer, it won't make a whole lot of difference.
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    well with a 30-06 i would have zeroed it at 150-200 but there is a site you can go to and download a ballistics chart (i dont remember the name of it)....u just type the bullet type,weight, and how many yards u zeroed it at and itl show you were the bullet drops and how high to aim and its very accurate, i did it for my .17 and it saved me some missed shots.
  4. A suggestion . . .

    . . . would be to return as you are so close then set the crosshairs to hit at 100 yards.

    There are some excellent ballistics charts that will tell you what will happen if sighted in for 100 yards and the distance to target becomes 150 then 200 yards. You might want to check out as their website has a good performance comparison routine.

    One thing I would advise is purchasing a distance finder as it is so
    very difficult to accurately estimate ranges in the field.
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    I figure that you ought to be able to shoot at a deer up to about 250 yards without concern for bullet drop.

    Aim dead on.
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    most guys go with 2" high at 100 this gets them out past 250 a bit with
    a dead on hold.
    what you are looking for is called maximum point blank range
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    Most hunting rifles in .30-06 class sighted in dead center at 25yds will recross the sight line at about 200yds giving you a pbr of 300yds.The bullet weight will make this rule of thumb vary but not much.The best sighting at 100yds is between 1 1/2"to2".Just about a 25yd zero. sam.
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    Download Remington Shoot from the remington website. It helps a lot!
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    And that energy calculator is something else as well!
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    Why did you sight in at 115 yards?

    The bullet will raise above and drop below the line of sight at two predictable yardages, ABOVE at about 50 yards (depending on caliber) and BELOW at about 300. There is a Arc between the 50 and the 300 and you need to check out some charts that show you the height of the arc for you caliber. As well as making sure your claliber is 50 and 300.

    My M16A2 is sighted in for 35 yards and I can go back to 250 without adding a single click of elevation and NO KENTUCKY WINDAGE. The groups shift by an inch or two but on a Deer, not enough to allow a miss on a head shot.

    My M1A is sighted in for 50 yards at the Muzzle and the variance back to 300 is not a whole lot of difference. My 50 yd and 300 yd are Center V groups, due to the two intesections of the line of sight.

    Sight in at closer Range and you will be good out to a fair distance.

    Just read Sam's response, He has it for you..... 25 and 200
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