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  1. So what is the deal with this gun and why does it get suck a bad rap? I got a good deal on one about a year ago and it has been by main range weapon since. I've literally put 5000 rounds through it in a year without any issues whatsoever. It has shot anything I've thrown in it including cheap Ultramax reloads and has do so accurately. It feels good in the hand. It's a little to big for CCW but is my go to gun for open carry (while working or riding ATV's on my remote property).

    Now I realize internet rumors tend to way over play issues on guns, a lot of people were pissed at S&W for the Clinton deal, and only people with problem guns bother to go the internet and voice their opinions, But seriously this gun is awsome. I've had one FTF with my Glock 36 in about 1000 rounds, and a couple with my Kel-Tec P-3AT in 1000 rounds and both get generally good reviews. I curious to other posters experiences with this gun and to find out why apparently I have the only one ever made that is any good.
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    Hey, I've got the 9mm, and think that it's a great gun. I've never shot another double action semi-auto, so I can't compare the trigger, but it certainly goes bang EVERY time you pull the trigger.

    I started this group, and only one other guy would join! Woodie's posts about the gun were one of the main reasons that I bought one even after all the negative 'net hype.

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    Yeah, on this forum, saying that you like your sigma feels like sticking up for Jimenez arms or something!
  4. Everyone at the range I go to that has seen mine (SW40VE) and actually shot it immediately changed their opinions of sigmas. Granted, It's mirror polished and the trigger has been professionally worked, but so have half the rest of my weapons. Even 2 harcore Glock elitists liked it and said if they knew they were that good, they'd have already bought one. Say what you want, mine shoots and shoots well.
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    Only thing I've ever heard bad about them that any one could prove was the heavy trigger. glock copy so most of the bad rap came from glock guys and you know how they are.