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A little thing I have been working on (when I have power). It's a widget for my range box. I purchased a ten pack of cheap drip bottles off of E-Bay. I'm going to fill these with Ballistol and synthetic motor oil. These will hold enough to clean a couple of rifles and I can refill them from larger containers. The widget is a holder meant to keep them secure and safe. It's just a chunk of 2x4 drilled, sawed and sanded then stained with some truly ancient stain I had (the can was so grungy that I couldn't even tell what it was supposed to be but I think it was walnut). I top coated with an unopened bottle of shellac that I purchased a dozen years ago to refinish my M44 and never used. Shellac is not the best (thus why it was not used on the M44 after research) but I had it.

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It will stick on the velcro strip below. I didn't photograph it but the other half of the velcro is attached to the back of the widget. And yes, I did at least clean that area before sticking the strip on.

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It should be able to keep the bottles safe and secure in the rather disorganized mess that is my range box.

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