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Silver Bear 9mm in P95 &P94

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by DougW, May 3, 2002.

  1. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    Silver Bear 9mm in P95 &P94- After Action Report

    I have read some postings elsewhere where Silver Bear ammo has had problems in other calibers. I have run about 200 rounds through both my Rugers with no problems. I am planning to use the ammo for a competition in 3 weeks, and was wondering if anyone else had used the ammo, and if there had been any problems. I like the 145 gr loading, since I will be shooting reactive plates. TIA!:target:
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  2. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie


    You seem to at least know something about the Ruger P94 and P95. I bought a P95 yesterday. Have you had much experience
    with this pistol? Does it shoot well? Is it a good self protection carry gun? Do you think it is as good as some of the other 9mms
    out there such as CZ? Any information you can give me about the P95 will be appreciated.

    Thank You,

  3. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    AJ, I bought a P95 the first week they were available here in Dallas. I have always loved it. It is totally reliable, compact, shoots evan "the ammo from hell" I put through it recently, and WORKS! Excellant for defence, plinking, concealed carry (which I do occassionally) or protection. I would rate it highly. I do like the CZ, which is a wonderful duty weapon. Extreemly heavy duty!

    Be very selective on any high cap mags. The P95 does not like USA. After last round, mag will try to push take down pin out tying up the gun. I have a few, but don't use them. Meggar, PMI, or most anything else works. Try to find factory, but be ready for the price. I have had people try to sell me the 40cal mag to use with 9mm. I could not make them work. Lip angle is wrong.

    The P94 I have was a steal. It is simular profile of the 95 with aluminum frame, and a little larger and heavier. This one has the black anodized finish with blue slide. Cool looking gun. My son and I will be competing in a 3 gun match in 2 weeks with the Rugers. Out of 60, I will bet that these are the only 2 there. Most will be Glocks, H&K's, Baretta's, Sig's, etc. I am not intimidated at all. My Rugers will shoot! Good Shooting!!!!!:target:
  4. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie

    P-95 Ruger

    Doug W,
    Thank you for the information on the P95. I haven't shot it yet, but got a box of PMC 115 Gr. bullets for it. Hopefully when the weather settles down here in Pennsylvania, I will get to the range. Ammo around here, like Wolf, goes for under $6, PMC
    about $10. By around here I mean at gun shows and Cheaper than Dirt on the internet. I am glad that in someone's opinion other than mine, the P-95 looks like it will do fine for plinking, CC,
    and home defense. Thanks for your input and I will let you know
    how it is when I shoot it.
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  5. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    AJ, I just remembered another vice of my P95. It hates CCI blazer ammo. The only stuff it will not cycle reliably.

    I have a good friend who works at CTD, and I have shopped there for about 10 years (I am in Dallas). In fact I have to go over on Monday. They do have some good ammo values. I like the Sellier and Beliot, and my 95 is extreemly accurate with any PMI. Wolf also works good. I keep them loaded with Federal Personal Defence Hydra-Shok's, PMC Starfire, Golden Sabre, or Remington 115gr +P H/P's. The Silver Bear works good also, and I like the price and the 145 gr JHP for defence and competition. (BTW primary carry piece is the Bersa Thunder .380 with Glaser over Federal Hydra-Shok's :D).

    You will really enjoy the 95. Not much recoil makes it easy to control. :cool:
  6. Oldnugly

    Oldnugly G&G Newbie

    Silver Bear & P-95

    If your P-95 is anything like mine, you're in good shape.
    In 600 or so rounds it has worked perfectly every time.
    I've tried German, Russian, U.S., steel case, aluminum case,
    nickeled brass, bare brass, FMJ's, Cor-Bons, Silver Tips, etc.
    Various grain weights. Nothing stops it. I keep 124gr. +p
    Gold Dots in it. They're only about $12 box /50 around here.
    Accuracy is definitely minute-of-bad-guy.
  7. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    I agree. Mine (P94 & P95) are very accurate. I can call the shots, and feel totally comfortable with them. I really prefer a Sig 226 or 228, but, as I am not made of money, the Rugers suite me fine. As I said, the only ammo that will not feed well is the Blazer. It may be the mags, I don't know. Usually shoot S&B or PMC. I do have some of the Hurtinberger 100gr FMJTC +P+ ammo, and it rocks! I save that stuff as it has been out of print for some years now. :D
  8. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie

    Winchester 9mm, 115 gr.USA, FJ

    Doug W.
    Is this the ammo you told me you had problems with it pushing out take down pin on the P-95. I only have 2 boxes of it and if you or anyone else is having problems with it I won't use it. Or did you think you had a problem with it because it was in a high cap.magazine? It was about $7 a box at a show today. I think I am going to order S & B from Cheaper than dirt. Right now it is $6.29 a box. If it is just the high cap mag problem I will use it.

    Take care
  9. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    Your mileage may vary......

    The Blazer doesn't cycle reliably in my gun. Its the USA magazines (hi-cap) will tie the gun (P95 only) up after the last round is fired. They feed fine, it is just that the USA mags follower hits the take down/slide release at enough of an angle that it pushes the release out about 1/8". That is enough to tie up the gun. I can't even get the USA mags in the grip frame on the P94 (the finish on this 94 is very rough, which is good for the grip), but I think they would work there. I ground down the follower on the USA's, as they would not hold the slide back after the last round anyway in an attempt to make them a little more reliable. Doesn't appear to have helped much though.:(

    Using Blazer in your gun may be fine. It doesn't work in mine, and this is the second P95 I have owned. By all means, this will be a good way for you to find out how yours functions. BTW, there should still be some hi-cap mags out there. If you can get the ones with the plastic base (multi brands), those work perfectly for me. Good shooting!!!!!:D
  10. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie

    Blazer ammo

    Doug W.

    I am not the person who has any Blazer ammo. I only have the Winchester and PMC I think right now. Can't wait to shoot the
    95, though we have had nothing but bad weather since I bought it. Do you have any suggestions on a carry holster or are the cheaper Mike's okay. I don't carry all the time, but when I do,
    I want to be fairly comfortable without spending a lot of money.

    Have a good day!
  11. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie

    Norma ammo

    Doug W.
    Do you or any of your friends know anything about Norma ammunition? Do you know if it is reliable or just surplus?
  12. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    Norma is super reliable and super expensive... best imported quality I've found.

  13. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie

    Norma 9mm 115Gr. FMJ


    In reply to your answer about Norma, it is listed in Shotgun News at Kiesler's Wholesale for $89 for a case of 864 Rounds. I have
    to quick order some I guess. Thanks for the info.
  14. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie

    9mm Norma 115GR. FMJ

    Hello members,
    The ammo at Kiesler's Wholesale mentioned above, is still available. I just bought a case to give my new P-95 Ruger a
    workout. At this price, $89 plus $9 shipping it comes out to about $5.73 a box of 50. It comes in battlepacks and there is a total of
    864 rounds in the case.
    If interested, their email is, phone is 1-888-Kiesler or 1-888-(543-7537).
    Hope no one minds me posting this type of note.

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  15. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    Hey AJ!!

    The Norma is GOOD stuff! Good purchase.

    As far as a holster, there are not many to choose from. IWB carry, I have a Don Hume leather which works, but that is a big gun to stuff in the pants. I really like the FOBUS holsters for light weight, value, and retention. The Uncle Mike's are OK, but it takes two hands to re-holster. We will use the FOBUS in the tactical match in two weeks, and I can let you know how they work.:cool:

    You can get the FOBUS from Cheaper Than Dirt. If they do not list them on the net, call them, as I was there today and they have them.:D
  16. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie

    Thanks Doug,
    I'll keep checking out the net and catalogs for a holster. I just sometimes think that the FOBUS look a little cheap, but if they
    work, that's all that matters.
  17. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    They are!!!

    Cheap, that is. But they are a good design, and I know they are used by the IDF, and also by some Federalies here in the DFW area. My friend has sold them to Ft Worth Police and Tarrant County (FTW) Sheriff's Deputies for concealed off duty carry. And, they are under $20.00. I have chunked $20.00 on crappier stuff!!!:p
  18. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie


    Doug W,
    I've spent $20 on worse things also, as long as the holster works,
    looks aren't everything. It beats carrying it around in the case that came with it. Especially when using your CCW permit!

    DOes your firend still sell them and does he have any for the P-95. If so, how much to PA including shipping and handling?

  19. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    the scoop....

    AJ, my friend works at Cheaper Than Dirt. Check them out online. Look under holster. The FOBUS locks the gun in wery well. As I said, we will use the FOBUS in the match, on the recomendation of a lot of the other shooters. Probably about 30+ will use the FOBUS for various pistols. Besides, you sre unfortunately limited when buying holsters for Rugers. Funny, the best selling line of pistols have little or no respect out there, and therefore are not "cool" enough for holster makers to make holsters for them. Go figure!:(
  20. artnkaren

    artnkaren G&G Newbie

    Doug, Thank you for the info. I will check them out on the net
    and see what I can come up with.