Silver Bear ammo

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  1. Has anyone had any luck with Silver bear FMJ. I.E. Grouping, Any hangfires or Duds?
  2. I've used the Silver Bear 203gr SP's for deer hunting and they worked. No duds, hangfires or anything like that. Accuracy was pretty good. Just as good as anything else.

  3. MosinMan

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    I remember when I was testing some handloads out of a mosin, the silverbear outshot the handloads. Good stuff.
  4. What grain were the Silver Bears?
  5. gandog56

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    I've never had that happen.
  6. I've not had any of those issues with the Silver Bear 203SP's. They seem to be accurate out of my M44 and the ex-dragoon, haven't tried them in the M38.
  7. I have used A LOT of Silver Bear in 5.56 and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Sure, it isn't as good as brass cased ammo, and doesn't quite group as well as Hornaday or Black Hills, but again, no complaints. I have 800 rounds of it I need to shoot sometime soon.
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    the 203gr SP for me actually shot high at 100 yds with my 91/30. thought it would shoot lower due to the heavier bullet but is probably hotter round than the milsurp.
  9. Most Mosin Nagants are sighted in high. My 91/30 shot high with 203gr and 150gr stuff...and my M38 shoots high as well.
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    I never shoot when I'm high!:tounge-in-cheek:
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    Didn't outshoot it by much, I can tell you that.
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    Hey What a coincidence either do I....Bad business that, Shootin when your high....LOL Na jk I dont get high my stoner days are behind me. Afterall thats why they called it HIGHschool right?
  13. I've shot the 203 gr. SP's. They shoot good, but they are nasty, very, very nasty. I've shot cleaner milsurp, but besides that, they are good shells. Just stay away from Brown Bear "Match" 180gr. FMJs. More flyer's than airport runway.
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    just shot some of that today to site in my new shot pretty good
  15. THanks guys for your input. Ill pick up some today amd give them a go.