simmons 44mag target scope bites the dust

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by lefty o, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. lefty o

    lefty o G&G Evangelist

    went shooting sunday with my 10/22 customized target rifle. always thought ive had a bedding problem- the rifle has never grouped as well as it should. well the problem finally reared its ugly head, shooting 1" 10 shot groups at 25-50, and 100 yards freehand. so i figure i'll benchrest it and see if i can start to find where the problem lies, all the sudden bad gets worse. starting at 25yds groups open up to a 2 foot pattern. was shooting with my dad and he starts laughing at me cuz his stock 10/22 that i did the trigger on is outshooting my million dollar gun, so i hand him the rifle and he gets the same thing. but he notices the reticle is bouncing around inside the scope. tear off the adjustment knob covers and find the up-down turret is freewheeling- with no prayer of adjustment. so bright and early monday morning i e-mail simmons, well 2-1/2 days later i get no response, so i guess they're off the list of companies i'll do business with. so heres the big question, what do you guys recommend in a scope variable power adjustable objective up to 20power( i like to see the little hole show up in the target at a 100yds)? all opinions welcome. thanks. :assult:

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Never liked Simmons...have heard of problems from other people also. I prefer Bushnell. Cheaply priced but not cheaply made.

  3. Calvin

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    BSA scopes are pretty good. Got one on my 10/22. I use a
    4-16x50 and see the target just fine. A little overkill, but the price is hard to beat.
  4. Klaus

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    I used to have a 30-06 with the 44 Mag scope and it worked fine. You probably had a manufacturing defect rather than a design flaw.
  5. lefty o

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    i agree it was probably a manufacturing defect. 7-800 rounds out of a muzzle braked 22 shouldnt cause a failure of this nature, as far as i know. just the same i think another company will get my future business.
  6. Mr (T)

    Mr (T) Guest

    I've had a BSA Contender scope on my K98k for 4 years now, and nothing's broken on it yet...even after my bumbling behavior at knocking it around on a concrete shooting bench. I got it from the Sportsman's Guide, and it's the only scope I've got that's lasted so long with so many rounds pounded(3000+) through my Mauser. Also, there's not much point-of-impact change between power settings(3/4 moa maximum deviation from 6x to 24x at 400 yards).

    On my No4, I have a BSA 3-9 x 32, and it greatly outclasses the Norinco scopes(2) that I previously had on the rifle. Of those two, the objective lens came loose on one, the other one broke a lens inside the scope.

    For the money, I'm pretty satisfied with BSA. Both are made in South Korea, by the way.
  7. Mike southers

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    Bushnell for a .22. Weaver or Leopold for centerfire in my gunrack.
  8. Rock

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    Burris fullfield II it may not be the cheepest but you only need to buy one...Try they carry about every make of scope at a good price...I have had the same problem with Simmons sent it back for repair it took forever, this time the cross hairs dont move,it just will not hold a zero...They need to change there name to sometimes because sometimes they work and sometimes they dont...:nod: