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    To many hunters/shooters the rifle they choose to shoot and or hunt with is a simple matter of what "tool" is best at getting the chosen "job" done. To others the decision on purchasing a new rifle means much more to them than the funtionality of it as a tool used for shooting targets and or harvesting game animals. The subtle lines of a fine wood stock, the symmetry of a scope's shape and balance and the manner in which said stock was checkered mean as much to some as the caliber and it's funtion as a paper or fur puncher. I'm curious as to what most of you think about these matters when it comes to your personal decision in choosing a new weapon. I'm poised on the side of a rifle being part tool and part art, made of steel and wood. I look for a rifle that's maybe somewhat traditional in design and that has something that shows it was produced as more than a tool, at least to my eye. There are no wrong answers, simply one's honest opinion on how you look at and respond to these objects known as rifles. After all, if there was no interest in them, you'd be reading poetry or watching TV now, rather than reading about something that obviously provokes some interest and also has some type of effect on you. Thanks in advance for your input.
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    Read poetry? Never! I would watch paint dry well before that ! I see them as tools, art, entertainment, and marvels of ingenuity.

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    some guns are tools, some are art, they all shoot!
  4. I can not find or think of the words to describe my love for firearms.

    Example: When I bought the Ruger Hawkeye rifle it was due to the need to retire the rifle I was useing because it is rare to put it simply.
    The gun is a Marlin big bore in 375 caliber. I saw one sell for over a $1000.00 at a gun auction site that looked worn slam out.
    Mine is in excellent condition.
    Every year I request a lot of Gun manufacture catalogs so I began looking through them.
    I kept going back to look at the Ruger M77 with synthectic stock and stainless steel.
    I even cut the picture out and hung it in my shop.
    Matter of fact I prayed about being able to get one.
    I had heard and read that Rugers centerfire rifles were hit and miss in the accuratcy department so I did have resorvation about them and being a leveraction fan I made another choice and chose a Browning BLR.
    But what caliber would I need so I researched even more to settle on a caliber.
    I finaly settled on the 308 for all reason known about the 308 and it would be ideal for my Deer hunting conditions.
    I really wanted a rifle in .358 Win. But cost and finding them might be a problem.

    All I needed was the money. 2 years went buy and Ruger broke news with a new boltaction rifle named the HawkEye that had all the features you could ever want and the price really didn't go up that much.
    Well I hate to tell this this but my Mother passed away a few months later and left me some money.
    So when I got it I ordered a Ruger Hawkeye in 308 and I got a good one and I love it but still being a leveraction fan I now wish I'd ordered the Browning BLR in .358 caliber.

    So to some it up I have to have a need to justify buying another gun and the money.

    I did go a little overboard and bought 7 more guns after the Ruger LOL But I've got every gun I've ever wanted.

    And you know my Mother would'nt have minded at all because she knew how much I loved guns and was always interested in how I did when I came in from hunting.
    Thank you Momma
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    I think its takes a fair balance of the two views. Regardless of how good a weapon looks, if it doesn't hit what it is aimed at it's useless. I also don't like having a weapon that looks so good that I don't want to touch it, let alone fire it. But even tools can be "pretty" and look good. What speaks to me when I look at a weapon isn't so much how attractive it is as the overall condition of the weapon. Is it in good condition of poor condition? Is it's condition a result of years of use and service or a result of improper care and maintenance. When I look at an old rifle, whether it's a hunting or service rifle, I can't help but wonder what kind of stories it could tell. Each little nick, scratch, or patched up spot has its own history, and a little piece of the previous owner in it. Sorry, for the wandering. If you can't tell, I get a little emotional about my firearms.
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    I have Guns I use for Large , Dangerous game, I have guns for varmits, I have guns for small game, I have shotguns for Trap shooting, I have guns for personal defense, and I have guns that I collect because of the value like the stock market, they keep going up...
    They are a tool,and a work of art...and an Investment for the future !
  7. Midas

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    While I definitely view guns as tools that cater to specific jobs, I feel that they can have tremendous sentimental value, it may sound silly, but it's really easy to grow attached to a piece of metal. Guns are kind of like people, they tell stories about success in the field, they tell about near misses, and the big buck that got away, they too can gather their own set of memories. All of my guns are tools, yes, but I treat them with care, and give them the proper maintenance that they deserve, for giving me so many wonderful years of service, and enjoyment.
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    All guns start out as a tool. It is only when they are owned and possibly used that they become art!
  9. i find guns to mean more to be then almost anything , except my wife , and dog .
  10. Bravo

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    When in my case, my guns are art.

    When being used, they are apart of me.
  11. EHCRain10

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    have to say that guns are capable of being extremely fine pieces of art but most of mine are mainly tools and toys
  12. Tool. What some can do WITH the tool is pure art....
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    I agree that they are both tools and art. In the beginning they were ugly, clutzy things, and the next step was tomake them eye appealing. I look at the old winchester 70 I use for hunting, and wonder how they came up with a shape that fits so well, after so many years have gone by. And I've always felt that fit is required, for the tool to work properly. When I look at my 112 year old winchester 94, it is pure art, the 26 inch octagon barrel, along with the slim lines, and the drop of the buttstock, the curve of the buttplate, it seems they designed the piece to be eye appealing first, and efficiency came second. I could go on, but these two examples explain how I feel, along with the sentiment. I can remember where each one came from, and how much it cost, and where each was used. It amazes me, at times, the details I remember about these tools/art!!
  14. billy

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    when i try to analyze my passion for firearms i get kinda stuck.
    so i just go with
    any kind of fine tools are neat.
    fine tools that make explosions and put holes right where i want them are wonderful!
  15. I do try to match the gun to the need . . .

    . . . but then I strive to get the best quality I can afford as the decision
    does become a matter for the emotional, the poetic, the artistic
    and well - you get the idea. A gun is more than a purchase to me.
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    I own old guns that I wish could talk to me... tell me of the joy they brought their former owners and of the disappointments felt when things didn't turn out as planned. Isn't it a shame guns don't come with a written history of what and when... Of course, it might be even better to sit and ponder the rifle's past. I enjoy new guns as well, maybe hoping to write our own history and successes together. It has always been odd to me that steel and wood can evoke so many thoughts, feelings and ideals from so many different people. Kinda neat ain't it?
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    I see guns as not only tools, but an art. If you ever build one, you will appreciate the engineering involved in developing it. Engineers and Machinists are truely artists in their own right

    After all the pieces come together and perform properly, then the artistic portion appears. The smooth flowing lines, The beautiful combination of colors and textures, and in some cases the artistic engraving and inlays used to enhnace the lines of the gun.

    Although some perefer to admire the functional look (tactical). I know not one shooting enthusiast who does not enjoy the look of a custom engraved "presentation" styled rifle.

    In that sense they are truely a work of art.
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    I appreciate the skill and ingeuity that went into designing a well-made firearm, but it is in the end a tool. I also appreciate other fine, and well-made tools. I further appreciate the skill and ingenuity that goes into making a very economical tool. I love to get the least expensive car in a particular class, and likewise the least expensive firearm that will delvier the performance I need. I appreciate the effort required to achieve economy. That is why a well-made, but inexpensive rifle like the savage 110 series is so interesting to me. I like to see an effort made to make such tools available, in an uncoerced free market, to anyone who wants one. I ca apreciate the art of a well-figured and finished rifle stock and a beautiful bluing job, but I also really appreciate how much harder it is to develop great firearms that are available for anyone.

    I also see a firearm as a statement, that I have read and understood the Constitution of the United States of America, and that I can use it to start a coversation which may serve to enlighten others to what the Constituion mya mean, and how it was written, ratified, amended and interpreted. There are a lot of really important concepts in the Constituion which don't get discussed much, and the Second amendment, valuable as it is on its own, makes a wonderful starting point for even more meaningful conversations.
  19. I Like to look at them as art and I like to punch paper very accurately with them. I am a mechanical person and I love taking the gun apart and especially the bolt to figure out what the pieces are for and how they work together mechanically. I actually enjoy cleaning them because I am able to take my time and get my mind off of things and just focus on the rifle and every little detail. I also enjoy using them as a tool to build self confidence when I can put a 3" group on a target, 200 yards away, with iron sights. I only buy guns that are in good condition and that can use TLC and are tack drivers as well.
  20. Windwalker

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    Guns are functional tools but some of them are beautiful and pleasing to your mind when when you look on them and handle them.