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  1. Bought Brownell's bolt forging kit. After ruining a couple of bolts, here is the first good one. Its a 44 turk with Redfeild scope mounts and cheapo dirt scope. Actually feels like a pro job.
    Need to reblue.
    Bed the action.
    Trim and fit handguard.
    The barrel muzzle on this puppy is tight. Looks partialy square.

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    You ruined a couple of bolts before of after you bought the tooling ?

    God Bless

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    perhaps the novelty has worn off the turks, everybodys got at least one and are on to the next fad??? just a thought ( dangerous thing to do):fuss:
  4. Well the bolt bodies are still good, its the handles that are mangeled. Bought 2 extra bolt bodies from FAC and the blocks to do the job.
    Did a fourth one today, a Yugo bent bolt with only half the handle drop, that son of a gun gave me a fit. This rifle has the low scope mount. had to bend it in the base area. Had it in forge blocks 5 times.
    Thank God for the Dremel, got the yugo bolt looking good.
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