Single Six or Markll

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by 6string, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. 6string

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    Anybody have these pistols? I want to get one of these but don't know witch one. Any info would be great. Thanks
  2. lefty o

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    my opinion varies depending on what you plan on using it for.

  3. hooker

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    6string, I've had both. They are both fine guns. The Mark 11 holds more rounds 10 vs. 6, and you can get it in target models with heavier barrels. I have one of those now. The Single Six is ok for a general purpose gun, the Mark 11 is slimmer in profile, and is all in all more accurate. you can't go wrong with either one.
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    For power the mark2 has more for the barrel length because of the more efficiant action. I do not like 22lr revolvers but that is just me but I like the bigger cal. revolvers. I hate the fact that if you have a hang fire in a 22lr revolver it may be bad becuse you may go the next chamber and when it goes off who knows what could happen. If you want one or the other get both if you have the money or shoot both at least. I personaly like the mark2 for a 22lr handgun. All the jambs in a mark 2 are due 2 bad ammo and if you keep it relativily clean it may never jamb in your life time other than bad ammo. but you should shoot both to know what you want.
  5. 6string

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    Well guys I thank you for your input. I had a Markll with about a 6" bull barrel and a red dot. That thing was deadly. I had to sell it and I kick myself in the butt for it every time I see one. I always wanted the SS slab side but never had the money. I also always wanted the single six because it will shoot shorts to mags.Well there is a old gun dealer in my town that is getting out of the biz and he had a single six SS with ajustable sights. The barrel looks to be about 6" long. It is new in the box but probly 2 or 3 years old. I couldn't pass it up so I talked him down to $285.00 out the door. It shoots better than I can so it will do me fine. I am going to remove the front sight and use that hole and drill and threed one at the back for a wever type rail. With a red dot or scope it will shoot just as good as my old mark ll did. I plain on using it mostly for plinkin but I'd like to try smallbore pistol silhouette.
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    sounds like you got a good deal .And good ideas for your new child no matter which way you go just keep shoting
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    I got my single six and went shooting. It shoots great but I don't like the little wood grip so I put a rubber Houge grip on it and boy what a differance. The Houge grip is longer and has finger contures in it so it fits my big hand mutch better. I found that B-square makes a weaver type scope rail for it. You just remove the front and rear sights and it screws in to the old sight holes. It is the full length of the barrel so you can put any scope or red dot on it. The only problem is it's $70. A cheep red dot is $40. so I think that will have to wait. Does anybody know of any other aftermarket stuff or custom things I can do to the single six?