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    New Model Single-Six
    I am thinking of buying a new model single six that is about 1.5 years old with about 100 rounds thru it. It is from an individual; comes with Ruger plastic case , 22L.R. & 22Mag. cylinders ,all Ruger paperwork manuals etc. ,Ruger lock:it is in like new condition ; Mag cylinder never used still in bubblewrap. Oh yea it is blued with rosewood grips.Can someone tell me what would be the value for this gun. The price to keep it also how much should I give if buying it to trade.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    P.S. Respond soon if possible I have to tell him by 5-9-08
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. JohnBlaze

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    I'd say about 280-300 dollars, depending on wear. These guns get pretty expensive, and the same gun new could go for about 400

  3. ICEMAN 1

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    Thanks for the response guys!Got her bought tonight, she is in NIB condition,got her for $250 I think I did o.k.
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    Yes, I think you did all right.
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    Yes, I'd have to say you did ok. Saw one in my local gun shop today brand new for $360
  6. JohnBlaze

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    awesome! I'll give you $270 for it! you can make a gain already!

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    Yeah, that's a great deal. Enjoy it, Ruger single-six's are great guns.
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    yup deff a great deal! i would loveto find one in good shape for that price! how long is the barrel? around here a used single six goes for around $320!
  9. ICEMAN 1

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    Thanks for all the response to my questions?I am working on some pic's maybe they will be ready to post this weekend.

    I forgot to mention S.B. the barrel is 51/2.
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  10. not bad, 250 even? not bad at all, they will only go up in price if you keep it well

    remember, most guns can be great long term investments....hell even lorcins (well maybe not) if handguns go through a few bans