Sins and Lizards

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    Sins and Lizards

    Billy Graham goes to heaven and is approached by St. Peter. They greet each other. Billy recognizes a man with a somewhat Unattractive lizard on his neck. He asks "Why does the Pope have 2 lizards around his neck?"

    To which St. Peter replies "Well, the Pope had some unresolved sins, and he must wear the lizards until he gives up them up. He nods, and then notices Howard Stern with 10 lizards around his neck And states "Ah, I get it. He had even more unresolved sins, and he must wear them for longer."

    "Correct," replies St. Peter. Finally he sees Bill Clinton, with only one lizard on his neck. Surprised to see the low number of lizards on Bill Clinton's neck he asks St. Peter about this.

    St. Peter replies, "Well, we needed to punish this particular lizard."

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    Hee,hee, poor lizard!