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Over Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend I had the chance to pick up a SiOnyx Aurora "Sport" on sale for $299 vs. the regular $399, and did a review on it that I wanted to share...

For those that are familiar the Aurora Sport differs from the regular Aurora in that it's $300 cheaper and isn't rated to be mounted on a rifle, doesn't have recoil activated video, and loses the built in GPS / Compass, but keeps the same abilities as far as Night Vision and recording.

If you're not familiar It's a $400 digital night vision monocular that records 720p video with claims of being the best thing since Sliced Bread.

Normally I'm not a huge fan of Digital NV products as the claims vs. the reality are usually akin to something like a "Magic Snake Oil" ad, but I have to say although this thing isn't quite up to Gen 2 level for the price point which is Entry level Gen 1 the Aurora Sport outperforms every one of the Gen 1 monoculars I've had the opportunity to try.

Anyway for anyone interested here's a link to the review, Comments and Thoughts welcome!

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