Sioux indians intend to stop Sturgis

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Rocky7, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Rocky7

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  2. BigEd63

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    Well this is BS.
    Political BS.
    At least I know what side they are on.
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  3. Stickman

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    Hmmm. Good luck with that!:rolleyes:
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  4. Kmcdowell

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    Omaha NE
    I used to ride to Sturgis every year. I don't think the Sioux know who they are dealing with. I hope they start at the Buffalo Chip camp ground. It will be over in a few minutes.
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  5. Ron Eagle Elk

    Ron Eagle Elk G&G Evangelist

    The Lakota are stopping people from crossing their borders (we are a sovereign nation) to slow the spread of Covid-19. This is necessary due to the lack of adequate health services on the reservations of the Lakota people. See, we were almost wiped out by diseases brought by people of European ancestry, really don't want that to happen again.

    I guess rolling through someone's closed borders so you can ride bikes, drink and carouse is okay though. While we're at it, let's just open all the borders, or are you only concerned for the borders that protect people that look like you, act like you and pray like you?
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  6. TXplt

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    Not gonna happen and I'm sure the rally will go on. Whether it's the Indians or Ohio or Massachusetts (or even 'peaceful protesters') or even Texas; no entity has a right to block or interfere with interstate commerce on Federal highways under Federal jurisdiction (on the other hand, they may well have the right to block access on certain parts of tribal land or on tribal owned roads depending on treaty specifics). And I'm sure this would violate treaty as well as federal, state, and local law (there is a right of easement to transit to and from privately owned land and dwellings). You can't block a Federal or Interstate highway on account of the WuFlu, and the state would have rights of access across state highways. Not a matter of tourists invading tribal land but a matter of right of access of transit and to private property over highways whose jurisdiction falls under Federal or State law.

    Even on our township road which ultimately provides access to here, I couldn't legally set up a "TXPlt Checkpoint" at the top of the first hill and keep people from transiting the road out of concern of the WuFlu.
  7. AK Hunter

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    If you know how the bikers are they won't be stopping anything.
    I totally forgot about Sturgis going on, that explains why the MC club at the end of our road is so quiet. LOL
  8. eastbank

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    are they just going to stop MC,s or all traffic? good idea to stop all in and out, no booze or drugs for sure.
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  9. Cyrano

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    New York
    The yankee gummint can't have it both ways. As Ron Eagle Elk correctly pointed out, the Indian nations are sovereign nations. As such, they have every right to secure their own borders, and are doing so. But as Kmcdowell pointed out, it's not likely to be pretty; and I would worry that when an outlaw bike club shows up at the checkpoint, they would try to fight their way through, and things would really go south fast.
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  10. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist

    I could be wrong, but I thought that highways on Indian land, although a federal highway, were controlled & maintained by the reservation. I know the Oklahoma highway I traveled on, years ago, was maintained by the Indians. They were smarter than us Texans! They leased out locations for McDonalds every few miles & they served as their "rest areas". McDonalds paid the Indians for the privilege, plus they were responsible for keeping them clean. We built our rest areas with tax $$ & then paid contractors to keep them clean!:(
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  11. animalspooker

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    That sounds eerily similar to protesting one of Kim Jong-un's military parades. Good luck with that.
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  12. Brother Bob

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    Oklahoma seems to have every Indian Nation ever named sitting up camp in Oklahoma. I used to have a map with the Indian Nations and where they resided. Not that many in Oklahoma, until now! Now The Who Would Have Thunk It tribe from southern Canada is sitting up shop here and demanding sovereign rights. I’m waiting for French, German, and Irish to set up shop next! Thanks Supreme Court!
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  13. Rocky7

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    I am considering whether to get some Scandinavians together to pillage a few coastal villages in Great Britain. It's our traditional thing.
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  14. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist

    Sounds fun Rocky! Can I come?
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  15. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    Come on guys we got us a village to pillage!:D
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  16. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    I liked every one I met at Sturgis,good people! :usa2:
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  17. Ranger4

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    There are 592 recognized Indian Nations aka Tribes in the US. About half are in Alaska, the others in 33 states. Oklahoma has only 33 tribes, but of the 21 Code of Federal Reservation Court systems, 18 are in Oklahoma, one in New Mexico, one in Airzona and I forgot where the other one is.

    The recent Supreme Court case made it clear that when Congress made treaties with the tribes that called for some later deal that never happened, then the Indians still owned the land for some purposes. Remember, Oklahoma was not a nice place, the Indians were banished to that barren land aka Trail of Tears, etc., ran out of Florida, Georgia, etc. So, if the treaties did not get finished, they did not get finished. Lots of problems for Oklahoma.

    Highways in Indian County can be owned by many groups. If you get near the Casinos you may find that the own the whole service road or highway to that facility. Or they may have a joint agreement to let anybody have permissive use of their road and have joint jurisdiction of crimes. In Oklahoma for example, most of the Tribes are cross deputized and can arrest and write tickets just like any cop. If they still own it, they can shut it down, subject to treaties and highway laws specific to that Tribe. There is no such thing as adverse possession against any sovereign, country, state, feds, or Tribal Nation.
    Just because you drive across it every day for years does not give you a right to do so tomorrow.

    You may remember the Bundys in Nevada, they ranched it for many decades, then claimed it was not public land anymore and would not allow any of us to hunt or fish or otherwise use the land. They lost in every court proceeding. Obama and Trump shut down prosecuting them for political reasons based on misconduct by a BLM agent, but the point is, it is still public land and will always be.

    Same with Tribal land, I have access to many Indian land records but have no clue what the status is in South Dakota. It is interesting politically, but in my view not likely Trump is going to call out the US Marshals to protect bikers. One other important issue, nobody has the right to carry any gun on Indian land. Violations of tribal members are held in tribal court. Violations of non-Indians are tried in federal court. Just traveling down a highway with a lawful gun in possession is probably not a crime but, the minute that gun comes out and any bullet passes the ROW line it is probably a federal crime. Pretty complicated, huh?

    Folks would be wise to just go around and enjoy the scenery. And FWIW, my family had 11 of 16 members get infected with Covid around July 20-21 in Deadwood or Rapid City, they were there about 10 days and the first one got sick on day 7. FWIW
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  18. shanebrews

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    I was 17 and the family was headed out to visit my grandparents in ND. Dad decided that we would make a proper vacation of the trip and we took 2 weeks and headed out through Iowa and SD and stuff with the intention of seeing Mt. Rushmore and the Corn Palace and a few other things. We unwittingly ended up traveling about 3 days before the rally at Sturgis started. There were thousands of bikers on the roads. Nice folks mostly. I particularly remember the day we went to Mt. Rushmore; we were eating some burgers in a restaurant in Keystone and when we came out a cop was holding up a gallon freezer bag full of cocaine he had just pulled out of a biker's saddle bag. The guy was swearing he didn't know how that came to be in his saddle bag and it wasn't his and the cop was not impressed with his protestations.
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  19. Rocky7

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    OK, but that gate should swing both ways. Indian tribes (so called "nations" these days up here) who want to get picky about the wording of treaties and insist on compensation for every breach of the words should be prepared to accept a first aid box ("medicine box") instead of full blown health care and $5/yr, a school house and a single teacher instead of almost limitless education, freight paid, and so on and so on - as per the words of the treaties. Generally, one cannot have their cake and eat it too in this life.

    When will the Iroquois Confederacy be expected to pay for exterminating the Huron? Or is there some completely different set of rules for Indian tribes who committed butchery? How about the MANY tribes who held slaves well into the 19 Century? Free pass on that for them? Why?

    We all need to turn the page and stop playing the victim card. It does no-one any good.
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  20. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    True, i mean my umm birth mother and father(who died) Scotch Irish mix and going by the last name part of the clan MacKinnon.
    Do I want to demand recompense from the English/British Empire for kicking members of the family out of Britian!?
    And scattering them to the four winds of the British Empire!?
    Or let's go back to the Roman Empire and their incursions into what's now Scotland!
    You are right at what point does it end?
    Or much more recently what about the persecution of my Grandparents families by both the Russian Soviets and German Nazis? Should both of those countries pay?
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