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Sistema Colt Model 1927 .45 ACP

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I'm thinking about getting an arsenal refurbished Sistema Colt 1927. Anyone have one of these? How do they shoot?
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I know a guy who can really set a Systema 1927 up right. His name is Karl Sokol and the name of his business is Chestnut Mt. Sports. He fixed up a 1911 WW2 GI for me and I was so impressed I sent him my Systema 1927 to do likewise. Karl basically does a full reliability package, puts on a new set of sights with a staked front which is soldered in place and touched up for high visibility. He fits a match bushing, replaces the extractor, ejector, and all springs, (and pins if needed). He performes a "no-bite" modification to the hammer. He stipples the frontstrap and at the customer's request, will add a high grip modification. He then parkerizes the whole pistol. At the customer's request, he can also fit a match barrel, dovetail sights, and add a beavertail safety. I found the package to be very reasonable in price and the work well worth the wait. I will add that on my 1911 he put a barrel positioner inside the slide a-la Swenson style... a nice touch!

Chestnut Mt. Sports- (802) 438-5732 3-5PM (M-F)
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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