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    This is a repost of something I shared last year or the year before. (Don't quite remember which.) Some time ago I stumbled across this video demonstrating the Step & Pull method of skinning a bushy-tail. Before I started using this method, I used the Slit-Across-The-Back and Pull method. Surprisingly, the Step & Pull is far, far easier, quicker and cleaner. It can be done either before or after gutting the little buggers. It works either way, and with no hair on the meat! Got to love that.

    However, the very first step is most important, cutting through the base of the tail and cutting a bit of hide. It's the hide that is stepped on, not so much the tail itself. Trust me, if you don't make that initial cut properly and simply step on the tail and pull, you'll end up with a stripped tail and an unskinned squirrel!

    For you squirrel hunters that are not familiar with the Step & Pull method, you might find this video very enlightening.

    [ame=""]YouTube - How to Skin a Squirrel Video[/ame]
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    LOL my dad showed me how to do it that way in 1947. I didn't know there was any other way.


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    Ill have to try it ! Never used that method . always made slit mid back and pulled both directions. that looks alot easier !
  4. When I was in texas I did it like in the video and it works awsome, only advise I can give you though is do it soon, if you wait to long the skin tears easy. I found that out the hard way.
  5. This video has been posted twice in the past. When I first saw it it I was totally blow away by it.
    Thanks a million NHmsj for posting it again. Squirrel season is just around the corner for many of us and theres quiet a few members who have'nt seen it yet.

    Excellent thread and video !!!
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    It would make a good sticky
  7. That's the method I always use. My dad never hunted, so when I killed my first squirrel he had not idea how to skin it. Took me over an hour! Oh if I only had youtube back then! "youwhat???" lol
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    Thanks for bringing this back to our attention !!
  9. Hey, have you ever tried squirrel from up here steve? I never have. I was just curios. I know they are ALOT smaller than there Fox and Grey cousins and from my experiece tougher than them too lol.
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    I always used to do the slit in the back until I saw this video a year or two ago...this method made squirrel hunting much more enjoyable lol